8 Simple Steps You Can Take To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Sergey Zoilken
Sergey Zoilken

If you’re anything like me, you can’t help but to contemplate the meaning of life – A LOT. What does it mean to reach enlightenment in a world that can be filled with so much darkness? Sometimes all you can do is to remind yourself to live each day as it’s your last and work towards being the most evolved version of yourself. I humbly offer my life mantra in 8 simple steps.

1. Put your phone down (I’m guilty too). Think of all the ideas you may have when not occupying your mental activity with scrolling through photos of other people’s lives. Hey, you might even do something cool in that time spent in your own life maybe? (Fully debating whether Beethoven would have been focused enough to write the fifth symphony during the age of social media)

2. Say exactly what you want to say to people and say it to their face. Save the texting for less serious matters. I promise you the face-to-face conversation is never as scary as you think it’s going to be.

3. When a song you like is on dance. And be the first person to get out of the corner of the room.

4. It is never too late to become something new. You are not “too old,” “not good enough,” “insert other insecurity here.” If you decide you want to become a painter tomorrow, you can literally do that. Nothing is standing in your way. (Unless the paint store is closed -sorry bad joke)

5. Eat the cupcake. (You’ll survive.)

6. Read books. (And pencil in some binge watching too because why not.)

7. You will never be able to control the way other people behave. I repeat NEVER, so don’t waste your precious energy trying. Focus on being the best reactor who’s ever lived.

8. You don’t actually have to follow a set of predetermined rules that societal pressure has forced upon you. You are allowed to be different and if you’re anything like me, you are allowed to feel joy in blurring those lines. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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