True Love Is Not Blind

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Love is blind”?

It’s everywhere, from television to books and even casual conversations and social media. More often than not, it’s used in a false kind of reassurance for not knowing your partner was cheating on you—you could never have known because you were in love. If you didn’t have those rose tinted glasses on, you would have obviously known what was happening. But no, that’s just someone being a good liar. That isn’t someone who loves you.

Here’s the thing; if two people really love each other, I think love isn’t blind at all. It has perfect vision.

Now a crush, that is blind as a bat. I suppose even lust can be a little hard-sighted at times. Not only is your partner only showing you the little parts of them that they want you to see in order to impress you, you’re still giddy from the excitement of starting a new relationship and naturally think they’re the most perfect human in existence. But once the mystery has died away and you start to learn who this person really is, if you can still they’re perfect, that’s when it gets real.

When two people really love each other, you can see every flaw your partner has, every annoying little thing they do, but you learn to deal with them anyway.

You can clearly see any problems they might bring into your life, issues you may have to face together or alone, but you have decided they’re worth it and work to overcome it anyway.

You can see the truth about their past, not just the version you want, and knowing this, you can still focus on who they are now and who they will be in the future.

You can see the things they aren’t saying, if they’re sad or uncomfortable, and you know how to be there for them.

You can see the parts of them you’d never noticed before, the way they bite their lip when they’re focusing or the way they get excited talking about something they love, and you think it makes them even more beautiful.

And most amazing of all, you can see your future together and it looks crystal clear. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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