We Are All Just Dancers Dancing Through Life


We are dancers, you and I, full of grace and style
We twirl and jive and bounce about, smiling all the
Through every song we’ve stepped to,
Through every move we’ve made,
Our whole lives through we’ve danced,
The one thing that has stayed.

We’ve had changes a plenty, and not all of them good
Sometimes it has been quite tough to get in the
Dancing Mood
But when you smile down at me, and offer me your
My feet just get all twinkly, it’s impossible not to

We’ve waltzed when we are merry,
We’ve slow danced when we’re sad
We’ve quickstepped in a hurry
We’ve tangoed when we’re mad
A rhumba’s what we’ve chosen, no dark, romantic
And when we feel like it, a fox trot just delights!

Our dance is more than just a dance,
It’s plain for us to see
That it tells our story just the way it’s meant to be
We hold each other upright, you’ll catch me when I’m
As each other’s partners, we’ll never dance alone.

In the darkest hour, you’ll lift me to the light
You’ll dance with me throughout my days,
Throughout my toughest night
We’ll match each other’s footsteps,
Through laughter and through tears
We’ll keep ourselves with heads held high
Throughout the passing years
Yes, we are dancers, you and I, full of grace and style
We’ve danced through every journey,
Through every passing mile
And when our dance is over, for one day it will end
I’ll know my dancing partner was truly my best
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Bethany Cadman was born and raised in Scotland and now lives in Brighton where she lives with her partner and her rather disobedient cocker spaniel puppy!

Keep up with Bethany on Twitter and bethanycadman.co.uk

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