The 5 Types Of Cute Boys You Will Inevitably Crush On

How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Series
How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Series

For the whopping (drum roll please) semester and a half that I’ve been in college, I have met an abundance of different people. People from different cities, and countries; people of different ages, and backgrounds. Some cuter than others. If I’ve learned anything in my first semester and a half it’s that for every cute boy I crush on, there’s another girl who has the same kind of crush. So my one piece of advice: BE CAREFUL.

  1. The “Everybody Wants Him” Cute Boy

This boy really doesn’t need much explaining. He’s the star of the football or soccer or lacrosse or baseball team. And he seems to be a total catch. You see him in his cut-off t-shirt at the gym every day (Well… let’s just pretend you make it to the gym everyday) and you swoon quietly over his beautifully sculpted muscles. Everywhere you go you hear: “*cute boy’s name* is so cute” “I totally want to hook up with *cute boy’s name*”. It seems like LITERALLY every girl wants him. But then you think about it… and how could you not want him?

BE CAREFUL: This boy knows he’s the “Everybody Wants Him” cute boy. And he will use that to his advantage. So my advice would be to take a step back and admire from afar. If you go the opposite route, be even more careful: He will use this to his advantage.

  1. The “Ugly Boy” Cute Boy

Ok. So he’s not ugly per se… but he’s more cute in a goofy-my-mom-thinks-I’m-cute way than in an everybody-wants-him type way. Your friends will make fun of you for having a crush on him, I promise. But since you have a crush on him, you are obviously lucky enough to have seen how goofy he can be. You know him. You understand how alluring his personality is, which explains the crush that your friends don’t understand. So be patient with your girls when they come to you with their “Ugly Boy” crush.

BE CAREFUL: This crush is definitely less risky than the former, but I still have a piece of advice. Since you have a crush on this boy, you must really like his personality and hanging out with him. Take that seriously. Do not drunkenly hook up with this boy and risk your friendship. Make sure it’s more than a crush and that you are ready to take the leap when you do.

  1. The “Cheats of You in History” Cute Boy

This is a classic. He’ll probably be one of the first crushes you develop in college and it’ll more than likely last the whole semester. He sits next to you in class and with his eighth grade maturity level he will annoyingly tap you and throw pencil erasers at you. You will quickly snap at him to stop as you mask your internal love of the attention. He’s got dreamy eyes and he’s definitely distracting during class. But he WILL text you for the notes that he didn’t take, so pay attention to the teacher, not him.

BE CAREFUL: This cute boy will allure his way into cheating off your test, and you won’t care because of the intoxicating blue eyes. You may even tilt your paper a little to the right for him. He will text you for help on the homework and he’ll ask you to help him study and help write his essay. And you will always answer. Whether if it’s because you like the attention or because of the crush is another story. But you do always answer and you must be careful, because (just like our first cute boy), He will take advantage of this.

  1. The “Night Out” Cute Boy

He’s the boy that you kissed that one night because your friend dared you. But it wasn’t nothing. You’ve seen him around and he’s seen you around. But you haven’t had much contact besides that night and that one class you have together for one hour three times a week. But every time you’ve gone out since then, somewhere in the back of your mind you hope you see him again. You imagine the way he says your name, how its sweeter than the honey you put in your tea, and how it burns more than the Fireball that crawled down your throat earlier that night. Ever since that night, you imagine everything about him. Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday, you see him and you’re reminded of how beautiful he is.

BE CAREFUL: He is not perfect. You barely know anything about him. The more and more time you spend thinking about him, the more wonderful he becomes. Because you are making him in your head. Make sure you base your crush on what you truly know of him and not what you’ve let your imagination make of him. Or he will let you down. And it won’t even be his fault.

  1. The “Perfect” Cute Boy

So this boy does ACTUALLY seem to be perfect. He’s an integral part of your friend group and he’s always making everyone laugh. He seems to be talented at everything he does, his sport, his musical instrument, his schoolwork. He is the perfect cute boy crush and you absolutely adore hanging out with him. Whether it’s just you two, or all of your friends. You can see you two together. And occasionally he does something that makes it seem like he sees it too.

BE CAREFUL: I have definitely found it’s safer to keep a guard up around people that seem to be perfect. But I am still convinced that he’s not actually perfect, but that you can easily see past his little faults. So, I guess just be careful you truly are only seeing past his little faults, and you take his bigger faults into consideration.

But, maybe he is perfect, or maybe one of the other cute boys is your perfect cute boy. Either way, one of them could possibly be the one, or more than likely you’ll have to wait until their maturity level catches up to their shoe size before you can figure anything out. Just please BE CAREFUL.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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