We Live, We Love, And Sometimes We Lose

Through hope, we find the strength to climb from the hole we call grief.

When facing loss, we have no choice but to let go, discovering both humility and faith within the pain of a shattered heart.

Humility helps us fall to our knees and admit we are powerless over what shows up in life, and faith carries us through our pain to the other side. We cannot know what awaits us, but we must have the faith that we can face whatever arises.

It is for us to someday rejoice. Not in the struggle we endured, but in the knowing that we had the strength to climb out of the hole, walk through the darkness, and emerge into the light of hope.

Should we have loved at all? Why risk the pain of loss?

It is why we are here. To feel deeply. To love deeply. And yes, to lose deeply.

For the family who loses their son to suicide. For the mother who loses her sister to illness. For the daughter who loses her father to addiction. For the child who loses his friend to an accident.

We may blame God. We may blame ourselves. We may blame life.

We have a right to our anger. We have a right to our sadness. We are entitled to grieve and to heal.

We will one day smile again. We will know that sadness is as much a part of life as laughter is. And when we embrace both equally, we do not resist what life brings. We welcome it all though our sorrow and joy, ease and challenges. We move beyond the stories and we feel the depth of grief, knowing it is a part of life.

Someday our scars, made of gold, will be shining for all to see. We will know we made it through our darkest moments. Step by step. Tear by tear. Heart by heart.

We are never alone, for grief touches us all.

If we continue searching, we will see that although we have lost, we have also loved beyond what is safe or comfortable. When we allow our hearts to burst open in sadness and joy, we know that the love within us never dies. It gently guides us forward toward hope.

No matter how our story ends, we would not change a thing, for we know to have loved is to have lived. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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