11 Reasons To Automatically Swipe Left On Tinder


There is a certain art to the Tinder profile. 

I often wonder how many potential matches I swiped to the dreaded left, simply because of the way they presented themselves, mistakes they unknowingly made when choosing what to include in their short and sweet bio. You only have one chance to make a first impression – an impression which happens to be very limited on Tinder. 

So what plays into that first impression? From the mind of a 21-year old, female college student…

It’s an automatic left swipe if…

1. Your pictures are all of you in a bar. With a pitcher of beer. Smashed.

2. Your photos are all you with different girls. Might as well just write “I am a player, be warned.”

3. You have pierced ears and are more tan and groomed than I am on my best day.

4. You have all group photos so it is impossible to tell which one you are. What are you hiding…?

5. Your photos are all mirror selfies with your shirt pulled up. So natural, I’m sure that is what you look like every day.

6. Every photo is you wearing camo. Holding an animal you killed. Not all girls will take to that well. This being one of the few photos is alright.

7. You have all prom photos or senior pictures yet claim to be 21. Hmmm.

8. Your bio is gangsta rap lyrics, yet here you are, this grinning, all-American white boy. Just no.

9. You have no bio at all.

10. Your bio is a random quote that you probably (definitely) do not live by. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” “Life each day like it’s your last.” “Live, laugh, love.”  Sorry, that tells me nothing except that you are not original and you probably do sweat the small stuff.

11. Your entire bio is one long run-on sentence with no care to grammer or speling and you just talk and talk and talk because you think people are going to read the whole thing when in reality they stop where the first period should have been and they lose interest and swipe next.  Just saying.

Well. No wonder my matches are limited. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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