The Only Love That Matters Is The One Who Stays

The Only Love That Matters Is The One Who Stays
Jeremy Wong

Love has metamorphosed over time, which is evident in the lives of every person. It has grown into lust as we step past adolescence and into adulthood. Some find this desirable because let’s face it, mating is the reason for attraction in nature. Nature has molded has us this way, to be superficial beings attracted to pretty things. But technology has enhanced this fact. Dating has become way too common and way too everyday. Two people coming together, should be like, magic. But no, instead of asking someone out in an old school way, a date has become just a text away. Two people coming together, has become so easy.

Just like other things, our romantic desires are basically decisions based on instincts, emotions, thought, experiences. We can choose to love, but we cannot decide who comes into our lives. We fall and we fall way too quickly, too deeply. But if we are lucky enough, sometimes we are able to find flight during the plunge. And at the end of the day, only those who matter stay.

Youth: The right person at the wrong time

He was the first one who made me feel that way. It is till today, indescribable. But what did I know? I was barely 17 and so, a meteor will be the most appropriate metaphor. Bright, accelerated, exciting, beautiful, which all ceased to exist in a moment’s time. The fatal attraction, as people would say, without any reason became sinister. But through him, I have learnt a lot about my faith. Sometimes, God has a funny way of appearing in your life. So here I am today, glad that God has placed him in my life.

Love: The right person at the right time

Even though I have never felt the same way, what we had was (and still is) the most beautiful thing on earth. He was everything I wanted and if I could turn back time, he will always be the mistake which I would choose to make again and again. He restored my faith in love and made me open up. He accepted my flaws and loved me even more when he knew of my weaknesses. I would wake up beside him, knowing that my day was going to be perfect. He would cook steak for dinner and we would enjoy it over episodes of Friends. We would slow dance to the absence of music in the room.

I said “I love you” so often that it has lost its meaning and it just became another phrase. We tried to picture our future, something I have never given much thought about because I did not feel the same. Slowly, the calm and peaceful ocean was taken away by the storm.

He became the wrong person at the wrong time

‘Cause everything changes, nothing stays the same.

We used to fight for love. Yet, over time, those fights became costly yet unworthy. We argued for our own pride and quarreled over the most little things. We attempted to draw closer, but just like opposing poles, it led to repulsion and we bounced back even further. At the end of it all, we were fighting for nothing but for ourselves. Nights, once filled with kisses were replaced with tears and anger. Those moments of rage brought out the worst of us, and our differences were instantly magnified. We woke up realizing our disparity and gaps which were once filled up with love.

We got tired, we let go, without a fight.

‘Cause I love us, I really did and perhaps still do. We were way too precious and any continuation would have ruin us. Memories became a substitution of us, and I’m glad because this place holds some kind of infinity for us. I know that you were not a perfect lover but I am eternally grateful for the perfect love you had selflessly given me and lovingly showered me with.

Marriage: The right person at the right time, always
He will be my serendipity, someone not searched and looked for. He is not a list of qualities, rather he is a person just like any other, but something different about him will make me realize “Oh, this is it.

He will absorb all my flaws but he will choose to not tolerate them all. He will be my motivation and inspiration for me to change my ways. He will use patience and not force because he knows that good things take time; difficult things take some time; impossible things take a really long time.

He will love that our house is like a cottage in hues of orange, red and yellow, full of love and full of warmth. But if I love him enough, I wouldn’t care if our house is decorated in pretentious tones of black, white and silver. Because with him, our home will always be warm in spite of the cold looking exterior.

He will come to realize diamonds are nothing but compressed carbon and that they could not compare to anything which is sincerely handmade with love.

He will understand that money is secondary and our lives are driven by simplicity and happiness.

He is a person whom I will not just fall in love with but stay in love with, always.

And for this, I will wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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