If You Can Choose, Always Choose To Be Content With Your Life

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Ariel Lustre

If you can choose, choose to be content.

Choose the life that brings you contentment, not a life of settlement.

Choose to fight for the career that you want because you are willing to sacrifice for it. Choose the career that brings you joy and fulfillment. It can be very difficult and not pleasant. You might have to endure heartaches and people telling you that you are not good enough. Nevertheless, you can choose to persist. Acknowledge that it is painful. Acknowledge that it can be very unpleasant and tiring. Some people will talk negatively and that can bring you down. It can even make you question yourself on why you are fighting to keep on doing what you are doing.

Nevertheless, keep going. Let them talk the talk and you keep on walk the walk. Let them waste their time with their incessant bickering and know that their complains will not bring them anywhere. At one point in life, you realize that you are blessed for being able to accept life as it is and still are able to focus and build positivity in your life.

Choose to fight for the people who loves you and for those who you love back.

Choose to let go of wanting to please everyone and making everyone happy. Choose to cut off the people that are not good for you and never permit them back in your life. Yes, they are only human and human makes mistakes. However, it is not in your power or your need to have to fix them. They need to learn on their own and to take accountability for their negativity. Being kind and nice does not mean that you have to allow abuse to happen to you. You can close one door to be able to open another. Choose to realize that age never determines maturity. Choose to empower yourself that in your young age; you are able to be more mature than the people around you. Being mature is strength and it is a continuous journey. When you wonder why you feel so deeply and that you are sad that people hurt you, it is takes a lot of strength to be compassionate.

It is not an easy task but it is noble. It is noble to let yourself to be vulnerable even when you know that you can be hurt as the risk.

Choose to love yourself.

Loving yourself does not mean that you see yourself as someone who is always right. Loving yourself is not the same as thinking that everyone has their lives revolve around you. Know that you can be wrong. Know that you may not always win an argument but you can save a relationship because of it. Know that you are a star and stars shine brightly to bring joy to others. Stars can only shine if they recognize their function. Your function comes from recognizing that you have value. You can choose to bring goodness into the world that is full of hatred. You can choose to be kind and to be wise. Choose to be able to be so comfortable in your own skin that other people’s opinions do not matter as much anymore. Pick your battles wisely.

You do not need to fight everyone. You can make peace with them or to let them go their own way.

Choose to put yourself first.

Taking care of your physical and mental health are a necessity, not a burden. It is never selfish. If you think about it, it would actually be selfish not be aware of your limitation and that you lash your anger towards everyone else. Choose to uplift yourself and to deal with feeling inferior. You are not below people. You may be defeated in life at some point but it does not mean you have to stay down. You can choose to learn to overcome that feeling of smallness.

In life, you will see that sadly there will always be people who feel defeated or feel like they are a loser that they blame everything on everyone else. While it is brave for you to be compassionate towards them, know that you do not need to let them get into your head and heart. If they ever blame you for their own lost, let them go. You have the right to put a boundary with something that only hurts you. You have a right to feel beautiful in your own skin. Choose to know that you are beautiful the way you are. If people have a problem with how comfortable you are, know that the issue is with them, and not with you. It is sad to see people who choose or feel helpless by society’s standards that they have to transfer their frustration on people who are confident in their own skin. However, choose to forgive them and to still feel happy with yourself.

Choose to be happy and as you are happy, you will attract the people that are suitable for you.

In the end, choose to be grateful.

Gratefulness will always lead to contentment. Being grateful never means that you are in denial or running away with the reality of what is going on in your life. Being grateful means that you admit there are some things that are not going right but you do have other things that are going well for you too. You can breathe air. You have been given one more day to enjoy your life. Take the breath and breathe in joy. Breathe in and breathe out gratitude. Breathe in the affirmation that you are worthy and you are capable to live the life you desire. Breathe in the acknowledgment and acceptance of your value. Your value will not determined with what you can do but with what you are. Life is too short to settle to other people’s fears. Let them choose to fear and to settle with the lives they are afraid to live. You do not need to cave into their insecurities. You can learn to be confident to slowly not listen to what they have to say. Let them bicker. Let them hate. In the end, you will be the one who lives happily and they will still be miserable because of their own decisions.

You will regret the choices that you never make instead the mistakes that you made. Choose to be content. Choose to still have joy even when you do not have what you dream of. Choose to not have any precursor to happiness. Choose to be happy in spite of what you think should happen in your life than if you have them. Choose to be happy with having enough instead of needing more. Choose to accept life the way it is going instead of the way it has to be according to you.

You can construct your own success and your own joy. Your construction of reality is in your own hands. Choose to appreciate yourself instead of tearing yourself down. In the end, we are all only human, darling. When you get down, remember that we all were beaten at one point in our lives. We all cry, we all get anxious, we all get tired, we got frustrated, angry, sad, depressed, but we all can rise back up as well. We eventually learn that all of us share a common humanity. Choose that common humanity. Always love yourself and share that love to this world. This world needs more love than hate.

In the end, you may end up being the richest, the prettiest/the most handsome, have a lot of fans and friends, but you will get something better than that. You will have a life that gives you peace of mind and heart. You will see that things do not have to always go your way or they may not even go your own way at all. However, it becomes the way your life is meant to be, a way that fulfills your purpose in life.

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