In A World Full Of Ignorant People, Be Someone Who Stands Up For Humanity

Gabriela Gioia

In a world full of ignorant people, we may often feel alone, abandoned, hated for what we know. We may feel isolated because people think that we are weird. We are considered an outcast because we dare to think differently. We dare ourselves to be different because we know that conforming is not an option to be taken. We do not want to conform to the notions or the rules that dehumanize others.

We believe in the power of humanity. We believe in the power of being compassionate, to be kind, and to care about others, especially about their pains. We do not succumb to our own beliefs and to think that we do not need to improve day by day. We know it by heart that we are just a simple person who can lack of knowledge of this world. The sad thing is, many people seem to not recognize this. Many people seem to not recognize that they are ignorant. They simply think that is the way it is without seeking for more guidance and knowledge.

I think you will see that, ignorance can take any form and anyone. From the most gifted scientists to the lowly educated, they can all be ignorant. Ignorance happens when you start to think that you know everything and your own view is the only correct view in the world. Although you may wonder, how can people think like that? How can we consider ourselves as “the most correct one”? There are many ways to people act that way. Some people are raised to believe only in one point of view that they consider other viewpoints as wrong. Some never have the chance to explore the world so they never have any other new experience. Some can actually feel too much pain and hurt that they decided to shut down. They decided that they being ignorant help them cope with the cruelty that they have to face. Let us also not forget that at some point, we can actually be ignorant too when we consider that we know everything about this world and condemn others to be wrong when we have not yet consider their point of views.

Ignorance is deadly. Ignorance has caused too many wars and destruction in all parts of the world. It ruins relationships and may damage future ones. Ignorance makes you become hateful towards others who do not share the same point of view as yours. It limits our chances to explore the world even further. We become close-minded and we may lose our opportunity to see the beauty around us, to meet people who may have a great impact in our lives, to learn other viewpoints that can forever change our lives. We become selfish and unaware of other people’s needs. We become less and less empathetic. It saddens us to see how people do not care about other people’s sufferings unless it is directly related to them. Some may feel that if it does not happen to them, they lose nothing. But they are wrong. We did lose something. We lose the meaning of being human. We lose the meaning of being a social creature who need and are also needed by one another. We let our differences get to us. We let them separate us, without realizing that we are all a part of the same race, the human race.

I hope that you will not be one of those people. I hope that you can always be open minded and loving towards anyone that you meet.

I hope that your focus is not only towards yourself, that you care about the people around you. I wish that you will always be aware with the needs of this world, especially with the need of love. This world needs more love and awareness spread, instead of hate and fear being the theme of the media today. This world needs you to not be judgmental of those who are ignorant, but for you to help them to heal.

Show them love, kindness, care, authenticity and compassion. Show them empathy. Be them and feel what they are feeling. Help them to courageously decide to embrace their pain. To embrace the painful truths that we are all experiencing. Help them to see that the world is so much bigger than their own point of view and it will always be bigger than our own limited minds. Help people to realize that we are finite but the world is not. It is never finite. Help them to open their eyes and their hearts that we are all suffering, maybe not in the same way, but pain and suffering are universal. In order to ease the pain, why don’t we try to help one another in anyway we can? Why do we have to only care about ourselves?

Show them the amazingness of having strong emotional bonds with the world and what they can give, especially with the people in it. Show them that miracles do and can happen everyday, at any hour, and any time. Prove it to yourself too that it is not wrong to care, yet again, having the courage to intervene when something is wrong to change the situation. Having a burning desire to make this world a better place may make you seem strange, may make you feel like you are an outcast. But, you should be that outcast. Be that difference. Be the light. Show everyone that there is no such thing as darkness, only an absence of light. And when the light has shine, darkness is no more. Show them that being open to other people’s ideas do not mean you necessarily have to agree with everything they say, it just show that you are mature enough to understand other people and their thinking. We acknowledge that we are human beings who each filled with strengths and flaws and we are growing through life as we go through it.

If you are reading this today and if it speaks to you, this is not a coincidence. I hope it speaks to you, the raging voice inside of you who have always wanted to make a difference in this world. That voice exist there for a reason, it exist because it is your calling. If you see darkness in this world in many forms, you and I are called to help shine a light on it. I am not going to be able to do it on my own. The world needs people like you to stand up, to own up your belief that we have to help another and to make the world a better place. You understand that your role is to not judge them, is not to say that people are good or bad, you know that it is not going to help the cause anyway. You are there to unconditionally be there for people, to listen and to make them feel loved. You are there to show them that when our heart and mind is pure, we can make the world a better place.

So, when do we start? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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