Read This When Life Is Breaking You Down To Pieces

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When you hear the words,”You are ugly,” you began to learn not to say those words to anyone else because you learn how damaging they can be. The words that we say can either create a safe haven in one’s soul or shatter it to pieces.

Many people will often choose to be hateful. With no fault of their own, they begin to let hatred subside in their hearts. They begin to show hatred and anger to the people around them. But not you, darling. I know that your heart is good and your hurt does not have to taint it. If I do not know you more, you will learn to be more compassionate. You begin to learn to withhold judgment before hearing the entire story. You will know in your soul that beauty is skin deep. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Each soul is comprised of a magnificent beauty. From now on, you promised yourself that you will always treasure the smallest part that makes someone beautiful.

When you see the poverty around you, you begin to learn that having a home (no matter how small it is), a bed, some money to buy food, being able to go to school, and to have a job are enough. Wanting to earn a lot of money is not wrong. The problem often starts when you are not grateful for what you have. You are learning to count more of your blessings instead of your problems.

When you see a person coming from a broken home, you become grateful that your parents and siblings have always been there for one another. You are grateful to have a family that is still emotionally intact and who have stuck through the good and the bad with you.

When you lose friends as you get older, you learn the hard way that not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Why? Because some people need to leave so you can bloom. And at the same time, you need to leave a space in someone’s life to allow the other person to grow. People change all the time. When we were young, some us desire to have a lot of friends. As time teaches us over and over again, the quality of friendships will be more impactful than the number of friends that we have. Harvest in the small but tight friendships who have always been there for you and who love you for who you are.

When you experience breakups, you can learn that not everyone that we desire will be compatible with us. Take your time to mourn the time, materials, and energy that have been spent to preserve that relationship. After that period of grief, let that person go. You do not need to keep your heart hurt all this time just to let an old wound subside.

I hope you will continually get back up anytime you feel that life is trying to break you down to pieces. None of us are free from the hurt that we experience in life, but there is always a beautiful lesson to be carried forward. TC mark


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