It’s Time To Love Ourselves Again

Pietra Schwarzler / Unsplash

It is time to love ourselves again. It is time to cancel our subscription to our past and present issues. It is time to stop wondering what will happen next. It is time to fully live in this very second as we breathe. Self-love should not just be about a trendy hashtag or a posting a selfie on a good hair day. It is not meant to be a momentary trend, it is more than that.

Self-love is a continuous manifestation of courage to keep on living as your most authentic self. The courage to continue following your dreams despite the doubts you face along the way. There is something beautiful in seeing people remaining confident in the face of failure and broken dreams.

It takes immense courage to stand up to the people who make us feel small. We might need to take everything we got to continue believing that we are beautiful. We need to appreciate ourselves more as we are determined to fight the inner critic who says that we are unqualified and unfit for love.

There is a sense of liberation when we channel the courage to walk away from the people and the things that are not meant for us. We need to give ourselves more compassion as we try to start a new page in our lives. It is really courageous to forgive the people who have wronged us in the past. It might not be easy, but we know that there is a greater purpose when we are able to prioritize what we need instead of what we want in our lives.

It is also a very courageous thing to do when we continue to remain positive, loving, and caring in a world full of negativity. There is something rare in seeing people learning to be compassionate to themselves.

Furthermore, there is something spectacular in having the courage to acknowledge that life is not perfect but it is still worthy of living. May we all find that courage within ourselves to know that there is a life worth fighting for and to carry that spirit every single day. TC mark


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