Why Forever Just Wasn’t Possible With You

Jacob Ufkes

We started out with what everyone thought was like a fairy tale.

I was going out with someone when you made your first move. The choice was obviously mine, and since the guy before you was quite obnoxious, I decided you were better for me. Or so I thought.

You treated me like a princess, and that was the first time I felt that way. I thought it would be amazing, I thought you’d fight for me ‘til the end.

An unexpected thing came up and you started to ignore me and treat me like crap. You took me for granted because you knew you’ve made me fallen madly in love to the point that I was ready to take a bullet for you. You abused my love for you. You always got mad, always dropped my calls, always shouted at me and always broke up with me knowing that I would always beg for you to come back. You told me straightforward that I am worthless, and you absolutely made me feel like it. You knew how much of a fool I was, and you fooled me for years making me believe that you’d keep me.

Nobody knew what was really happening behind every smile, every sweet post on social media, and every “I love you”. Nobody knew how the relationship was not at all “smooth-flowing”.

This kind of relationship went on for years. A lot of people have been asking me why I let you hurt me this way, and all I could ever answer was “Because I love him.”

I was blinded by this love. I didn’t see the people around me, the people supporting me, the people who truly loved me, because I was too busy convincing myself that YOU were always there for me, supporting me, and loving me – when you never really did.

People looked at you like you were a gem, so beautiful and loving, but I know how you truly are behind the cameras, and I’ve had enough of the real life bullshit you bring me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you had your good side – when you’re in the mood to be good.

I loved your family. I loved that I gained new friends through your cousins. I want to say I loved your friends too, but you never introduced me to them. I loved how we used to plan for our future, how we’d say we would travel together and someday make a beautiful family. I could never imagine how I’d spend forever without you.

Today, as I write this piece, please remember that I have loved you from the very start and I’ll always be here for you no matter what. But I guess people really have their limits, and this time, I’ve reached mine. I just realized that I want to and can be happy on my own. Maybe we’ll meet again someday, if we’re really meant to be together, our roads will lead us back to each other. But for now, I guess we have to take a detour. I know life wasn’t fair to you, but that’s not a reason for you to make life unfair to me.

So I guess this is the end of our story. You were once my world, but now you’re just going to be a part of it. A lesson learned; a memory to smile at someday.

To the guy I thought I’d spend forever with, goodbye.

I wish you well. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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