When You Feel Like You’re Not Enough, Remember Someone Out There Is Waiting For You

Yingchou Han

It’s normal; we have those days where we feel like we are never enough for anybody. Maybe you just went through a break up, or maybe a close friend suddenly becomes distant. You feel like you’re worthless. You feel like no one is there for you. You feel like everyone leaves and nobody is ever willing to stay.
When you feel that way, remember this:

Someone out there is waiting to be with you.

Someone is willing to stay no matter how hard you are to deal with. Someone out there is thinking about when they will meet you. Someone is waiting to meet your parents, working on himself to make sure they would approve of him. Someone is waiting to wake up next to you, to lie in bed all morning staring at your face, thinking you are his sunshine and moon. Someone is waiting to get to look into your eyes and tell you “I love you”. Someone is waiting to make you your breakfast in bed, remembering the fact that you don’t drink coffee so he will always make you your tea.

Someone is waiting to kiss you on your happy days and hug you on your worst. Someone is waiting to go to the grocery with you, just to be in awe of how you debate with yourself on what flavor of ice cream to get.

Someone is waiting to hold your hand in public and show you off to the world. Someone is waiting to know every little detail about you, like the way you feel emotional every time you finish a book or the way small whisker-like lines form on your cheeks when you smile. Someone is waiting to remember that story you won’t stop telling anyone, the one that happened when you were five. Someone is waiting to admire the little moles on your face, and trace them while you sleep soundly in their arms. Someone is waiting to lie on the couch with you while stroking your hair as you two watch your favorite series.

Someone is waiting to make you feel safe, to let you know that even if you think you’re messed up, they’d gladly call you “my mess”. Someone is waiting to open doors for you, and treat you like the queen that you are. Someone is waiting to see your happy dance, even if it gets other people’s attention while you’re in the mall. Someone is waiting to be proud of your achievements, to take your photos and proudly share it on social media captioning it “That’s my girl”. Someone is waiting to hear your endless rants, and think they’re thankful to have you as their best friend.

Someone is waiting to travel the world with you, knowing that no matter how fun a vacation is, it wouldn’t be the same without you. Someone is waiting to give you a surprise dinner date on your anniversary, remembering you’d rather receive a book than a bouquet. Someone is waiting to see you in a white gown, walking down the aisle towards him in the altar. Someone is waiting to have their kids with you, knowing that you are the mother he wishes for his children to have. Someone is waiting to see you in a big shirt and a messy top-knot, thinking you are the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on. Someone is waiting to hear your laughter and make sure to do anything just to hear it every day. Someone is waiting to spend the rest of their life with you.

When you feel like you are not enough, remember that someone out there is waiting to show you that you are more than enough. So live your life, enjoy everything that you have right now. Don’t let yourself feel down because someone left. Not everyone who comes into your life is meant to stay, some are just passing by to teach you a lesson and help you get to your rightful destination. Don’t rush, darling. He will come in His perfect timing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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