Maybe The Only Thing You Need To Accept Is Change

Jason Burger
Jason Burger

We’ve always believed that change is the only constant thing in this world; that we cannot control anything because everything will eventually change.

But I beg to disagree as I believe that change actually depends on us.

If you want to get a higher score on your exam but won’t even lift a finger to get your head in the books, do you think your grades will change?

If you want to pursue your dream career but you settle with the crappy job you’ve always hated, do you think the job offers will knock on your door by itself?

If you want to have that Kendall Jenner-esque beach body but never bothered to try working out, do you think you’ll ever have a flat stomach?

If you want to get that girl but never even smiled at her direction, do you think you’ll be together if she doesn’t even know your name?

If you want to feel valued and loved but you stay with the loser who never sees your worth, do you think the guy who’s always been in love with you will ever get the chance to prove that he knows your worth?

If you want your friend to know that you’re always there for her but never said a word about it, do you think she’ll still come to you when she needs someone to talk to?

If you want to befriend that guy in class but haven’t even sat beside him, do you think he’ll ever believe that you’re friendly?

If you want your parents to understand you but don’t even plan on saying sorry after your argument last night, do you think they’ll ever be aware of how you truly feel?
If you want to be happy but can’t help yourself dismiss the negativity, do you think you’ll ever be able to put on a genuine smile?

No matter how we always say that change is constant, it wouldn’t really be if we won’t let it be. So go on and make a statement for yourself, show everyone that change isn’t something to wait for as it will “happen by itself”, but rather, change will come your way because you chose to welcome it wholeheartedly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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