You’ll Remember The Ones You Love

Flickr / Daria Nepriakhina
Flickr / Daria Nepriakhina

Because I choose to keep the good memories and treasure the happy times we’ve had. Because I choose to not let go of a single precious moment we’ve had together – even the bad.

I’ll remember our inside jokes, your little quirks, your laughter. I’ll remember the way your lips curve to reveal teeth that are oh so slightly crooked. I’ll remember the disbelieving yet amused look on your face when I recount something stupid I’ve recently done. I’ll remember your worry and concern when I’m unwell. I’ll remember how I went to sleep thanking God for you, thanking Him for showering me with such blessings. I’ll remember waking up and immediately checking my phone for the good morning text that was sure to be sitting in my inbox, then smiling like an idiot at 6 in the morning.

I’ll remember the pet names we had for each other, all having their own special meaning. I’ll remember you always being there to support my goals and dreams. I’ll remember running to my phone after competitions and presentations so you could be the first person I share the experience with. I’ll remember the times you were my personal cheerleading squad, telling me I could get through the darkest of days because I was strong enough. I’ll remember the time we sat at Coffee Bean and simply watched the world go by in our little bubble, indulging in each other’s presence.

I’ll remember that feeling of pure ecstasy, that feeling of being untouchable when I knew for sure you’ve got my back regardless. I’ll remember the warm fluttering of my heart, the happy butterflies in my stomach at the cheesy lines you quote. I’ll remember the first time you told me you cared about me, and made me feel protected and sheltered. I’ll remember when you told me you loved me, and I fell asleep with the biggest grins on my face. I’ll remember that eureka moment when I realised that what I felt for you was so strong, so intense, that I honestly didn’t think “love” covers it although it is the closest in the dictionary mankind has. I’ll remember all things good about you.

I’ll remember the bad too. I’ll remember the fights we’ve had because you don’t like something I’ve done. I’ll remember the fear and anxiety because you were upset. I’ll remember your moodiness, my moodiness, and the days we simply just didn’t gel together. I’ll remember the times I cried because I thought I’d lost you. I’ll remember the times I cried because we finally made up and it was such a relieving feeling knowing I had you back again. I’ll remember how you shut me out because you didn’t know how to deal with your emotions and thoughts. I’ll remember your indecisiveness, from choosing a place to eat to making up your mind about your life career. I’ll remember the insecurity and fear that coursed through my veins, because I was unsure where we stood and how you felt.

I’ll remember all things good and bad about you. Because they are two halves of the you I know, copulated together by your pure soul and kind intentions.

I’ll remember, because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I’ll remember, because I still love you.

Maybe one day I’ll find the courage to show you this letter. But I hope it won’t make a difference, because I hope you have always known exactly how much I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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