13 Ways To Get Out Of A Morning Funk


Is it your day off? The day that you have been waiting for all week, when you were going to check everything off your “To Do” list and go to all those places you’ve been planning on going forever? Except now you can’t seem to get out of bed? You feel hungover but most assuredly didn’t have anything to drink last night, as you stayed up with your face glued to the computer screen?

Well, that is definitely me right now. Hopefully by making this list of ways to get out of a morning funk, I, too, will be able to do just that. I mean, we should all be out having the time of our lives, right?! The world is our oyster! Here are 13 ways to snap yourself out of your morning funk.

1. Force yourself to get out of bed at a reasonable hour. Nothing can make you feel worse than sleeping until noon. And when I say force, I mean force. Nine is a sensible time. Not too early, but you still have time to enjoy “morning stuff” and your day still feels like a full day.

2. Take a shower. Even if there is really no need to shower because you’re relatively clean already, do it anyways. It’ll make you feel one hundred times better and won’t take that much time out of your schedule. Something about looking your best, ready to meet anyone of importance who may waltz into your life just gives you a certain amount of confidence.

3. Put on an outfit that you are excited about wearing. Confidence really does make a difference. 

4. Drink coffee. From your French Press or local coffee shop, either will do the trick. We can pretend all day that we don’t actually have a caffeine addiction, but let’s be honest, that is counterproductive.

5. Watch this clip of Natalie Portman laughing uncontrollably. Resist the temptation to continue YouTube surfing but don’t resist the temptation to laugh along with her.

6. Spend a little time thinking about the person you’d like to be today, and what that person would spend their time doing. Maybe even make a list. (But not too long, because dwelling on things like that can cause feelings of inadequacy.)

7. Listen to music. In my experience, music has only ever improved my mood. Really listen to the music. No matter how depressing the lyrics may be, if you enjoy the music it’ll most definitely bring out those happy endorphins.

8. If you are more visual than audio, open up a window for some fresh air and marvel at the pretty sky. The sky is always pretty. On second thought, you should probably do this regardless.

9. Take a good selfie and post it. Go on, do it.

10. Do NOT however, check Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/your phone all day long. Nothing is worse than religiously being up-to-date on how many likes a particular photo of the light shining through your curtains got. Life is bigger than that, and even though you think that red bubble will bring you the happiness and satisfaction your little heart desires, the fact is, it just won’t.

11. Don’t do what’s been told of you, just do whatever your little heart desires. If you don’t want to double-space that stupid paper you are being forced to write, don’t. Our middle school teachers don’t run our lives anymore, right?! Develop your own aesthetic and routine.

12. Try writing first thing in the morning. Write about your dreams or the dream you just had last night. It gets thoughts out of your head and off your chest so you are able to move on.

13. Do not be ashamed of anything you want to do today. Just do it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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