10 Brutal Truths About Being In Your 20s

Margot Gabel
Margot Gabel

Being in your 20s is this beautifully traumatic (and dramatic) decade that everyone has to endure. I imagine it gets better with age (maybe the 30’s are where it’s at?), but when you stop and think too much, it gets tough to continue down this painful path. And here’s why:

1. You have all of this energy.

But now, doing too much leads to feeling physically horrible because you now also suffer greater repercussions for your actions. Yes, you are still young and supposedly resilient, but you are not a youth anymore. And if you are normal, you probably aren’t taking the best Carr of yourself yet.

2. You can do anything.

Except you have no money to partner up with the ambitious dreams that are sitting dormant in your mind. And if you do have money, you have too many payments. And taxes are actually a lot more than anticipated-who knew?

3. You aren’t tied down yet (necessarily).

Even though being in your 20’s comes with a sense of undeniable freedom (particularly when you move out and get that first real job), post-college/adult world is way less social when you are in an environment that isn’t a condensed bubble of 18 to 22 year olds. So, while you get to do all of the things now, you are likely doing them alone, even if/when you don’t want to.

4. You have income now (maybe).

But with this new and exciting privilege, comes great responsibility you may not have yet now that you are not a collegiate peasant. The ability to buy nice things consistently is addicting. It’s way harder to be happy with lentils and rice with a bottle of bottom-shelf, domestic wine, when you can have a steak with an international bottle you can’t read.

5. You get to make new friends.

However, you may have forgotten how to go about acquiring them. You could easily scare a person off with your enthusiasm to hang out and ruin the potential option. Then, you’re back at number three.

6. You have time to exercise now.

Who actually wants to do that though? Everyone in their 20’s seems to develop the hobby of running marathons. That’s totally great for heart health and appearance, but I’m skeptical of how genuinely enjoyable this newfound hobby is.

7. You get more sleep from the regular schedule you have.

But you also need more sleep to function now. It’s getting harder to be a human on four hours of sleep after a night of raging, because guess what? Dozing at your cubicle is not nearly as cute as falling asleep in class.

8. You get to have two jobs.

Yeah, there’s really no fun way to present this as a teaser. Even if you get to find a big kid job, you are likely supplementing that income and your lifestyle with a second job for one of the following reasons: you enjoy the lower paying position more, you need the extra money for all of the payments in number two (or for the shopping problem you have developed), or all of the above.

9. You get your money’s worth on that monthly Netflix payment.

Because now, sitting at home in bed lost nights watching commercial-free shows until your eyes close, wine in hand, is either more appealing than being social, or you have nothing else to do as mentioned in number five.

10. You are a wizard with all things social media in all of your non-work time.

Except if you’re doing number eight, and you have no time. And, now that you’re not a youth, you are behind on how people are opting to communicate and what the appropriate social jargon is. All of your references and phrases are officially irrelevant, which conveniently matches how you feel emotionally. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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