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Fox Nation Links the Onion

Nation, i.e. Fox News, posted an article in their culture section titled: Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail The title has been changed to “The Onion: Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail.”

My First Bar Brawl

My large drunk friend is about his size but at a serious disadvantage because he was unaware of where or who he is. The bartender pushes him. He stumbles, regains composure, and resumes swooning. His chin is resting against his chest and he looks on the verge of complete mental and physical collapse.

UC Students Mad as Hell, Reportedly Won’t Take it Anymore

His film ends with a still frame of an officer, gun drawn, helmet on, looking terrified. The text says: “Demand Freedom, Join the Movement.” What movement? To corner a lone riot policemen in a parking garage, spin him around 15 times, take his baton, and then push him onto a car provoking him to draw his pistol that he then aims at the ground?

Post-Racial Furniture Warehouse

“I’ll admit i was racist ‘WAS” i can honestly say now, my college son is taking black history he has enlightened me about black history, now i can truly say.. I was uneducated about the blacks. Now that my son has passed on, what he has learned, to me, about the blacks ,i’ve learned to appreciate and love the black person.”

Redskins Ineptitude Immortalized

Artist Pete Cullen has taken the time to immortalize this epic failure in an oil painting. The work captures Smith right before the snap, starring at five giants defenders who are about to charge him unblocked. It is currently on display in Baltimore…

Introducing the Turtle Man

Ernie Brown Jr, the Turtle Man, is a beast. His YouTube video has over 2.5 million views, landing him a website selling apparel decorated with his trade mark logo: “Snapper-Licious”. He also hired a manager, has a rap song, got a shout out by American troops in Iraq on CNN and took his turtle catching show on the road. Despite his remarkable talent and brilliant marketing effort he calls himself “the poorest famous guy around.”

Quidditch: In Real Life

The young sport is experiencing some growing pains. Some want Quidditch to retain its lovable innocence, as acne riddled Potter fans playfully prance around on brooms. Others (presumably Princeton) demand more serious competition and regulation- equipping the sport with coaches, referees, practices, and even player cuts.

Ratatat Live at Tulane University (9.30.2010)

They go: “Bars are fun, and Bourbon Street.”  Ratatat goes: “Bars?” and gives them a dirty look.  They say:  “Maybe the French quarter.” Ratatat goes: “Why don’t you guys throw a party?”  The girls look embarrassed and skeptical.

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