Be Afraid: Obamaville 2014

It’s a well-known fact that politicians don’t use cheap scare tactics. Especially desperate ones.

Which is why Rick Santorum’s new ad comes as a such a shock. It features the small town of Obamaville: a ghost town populated by abandoned playgrounds, crows, and televisions playing constant footage of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Sounds like hell? It is. Consider yourself warned.

In other terrifying political news, 71-year-old cyborg and suspected war criminal Dick Cheney has received a new heart. Doctors swear no favoritism was involved.

God bless America. TC mark


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  • Pepper

    That is a ridiculous ad and I don’t particularly support Santorum, but in all seriousness, as a small business owner just trying to get by and serve my local community as best I can, another 4 years of Obama will likely ruin my livelihood and it does scare me.

    • GetReal

      There’s “small business owner” and then there’s “I run a small business in which I make a ton of money because I don’t provide health care/benefits for my employees and being forced to do so would mean I can’t go to the bahamas every month.”

      • Pepper

        It’s just a small, family owned business that I opened when I could not find employment (despite having a master’s degree and good work ethic) and at this point I work 7 days a week because I can’t afford employees and their health care, in addition to my own individual health care plan and everything it costs to run the business.  But since my spouse’s income (who just a pipe-fitter, mind you, and not even union) and my income together almost approach the level Obama deems acceptable to raise taxes for, I may never be able to afford employees, or to function at all because there are so many costs we incur just to keep our doors open.  As a small business owner, I have to pay taxes on my business, as well as my own individual taxes.   It’s just really expensive and I’d love to have a family, I’d love to have a business successful enough to employ anyone who needs it, but can’t really afford either.  And my last vacation was 4 years ago..

      • Pepper

         Additionally, I thought I may be doing well by buying my first home- a 2 bedroom rancher, nothing fancy, hoping it would be a good investment to take advantage of the good interest rates and low home prices at the moment, and pay a mortgage rather than rent to pay someone else’s mortgage.  Perhaps when the market turned around, I and any family I hope to have could benefit from that ownership.  Only to find out that if I were to sell the home in the future, an additional 3.8% tax would be implemented, that is actually included in Obama’s now 2 year old health care bill, on that sale…. wtf?  I’m just a 25 year old trying to afford a normal life really and I feel screwed over is all.

      • florida mungo

        i think everyone (even the poor and those with pre-existing conditions) deserve access to health care.  i don’t know exactly the best way to make that happen, but it has to start someplace. 

        and i have to say, the thing that bothers me about dick cheney’s heart transplant is the fact that my mother was not eligible for a liver transplant because she was over 70 – that was the only reason.  and before docs made a definitive diagnosis on my dad and decided he had a treatable illness, we were told he was too old for a lung transplant, and he was 71.

        just looks suspect, at least on the surface. 

      • Pepper

         you’re right- that is bullshit! and everyone does deserve healthcare and it would be a hell of a lot more affordable if there were tort reform.. subsequently, docs wouldn’t have to pay so much for insurance and would be able to provide affordable health care for everyone… But too many politicians have vested interest in that matter, so it’s not even considered. just sucks..

      • Paul S

        I’m a small business owner as well, and I would be STOKED if I made anywhere close to $250K (which is where these tax raises kick in).  If you’re making that much, you’re doing fine. That is, unless you’re an idiot with your money and have crazy debt.  As far as paying taxes on your business – that’s bullshit as well since you only have to pay tax on the PROFIT your business makes, and it has to be a susbstantial profit (after paying yourself you CAN post zero profits and still do fine). And it doesn’t sound like you’re making a substantial profit since you’re whining about barely making it. But then maybe you’re not a business owner and you’re really just parroting back all the bullshit you’ve heard on Fox News…

      • Pepper

         I didn’t say I made that much.  My husband and I combined approach it.  And if we ever got there, we’d surely be knocked back down by the taxes… I live in Maryland- the federal and state taxes combined kill us.  I work my ass off, I just think I deserve to keep my money, then perhaps I could afford to give others opportunities to better themselves as well.

      • Paul S

        Well then consider yourslef lucly that we’re not going to be taxed on combined income.  Which basically nulls your entire point.

      • Pepper

         yes we are. it’s $200,000 per person or $250,000 per household.  Besides I think it’s kind of ironic that you say “… you’re fine.  That is, unless you’re an idiot and have crazy debt…” suggesting anyone who mismanages $250,000 a year is an idiot, but it’s okay for the gov’t to be trillions in debt and STILL raise taxes? There’s a debt ceiling for a reason and should be adhered to.

      • cass

        I wish I made anything near 6 digits. I would not complain in the least

      • Pepper

         Good, perhaps you wouldn’t have to be in the position I am having to take responsibility for the things and people that fell in my lap… For some it’s a standard of living, for others responsibilities that you may or may not have asked for. Like, I don’t know, cancer. Agree to disagree not everyone can cover their needs just breaking even.

      • Guestropod

        Cass didn’t say that everyone can cover their needs just breaking even?  Imagine getting cancer when you make $12k a year and have no insurance.  

      • Pepper

         The other guy said something about being fine owning a small business breaking even.  Look, my point is just that I came from nothing.  Had nothing going for me except my brains and a good work ethic.  Grew up surrounded by people living off gov’t assistance, some more shamelessly than others.  But I did everything possible to get where I am today and bring my family with me and help them with all kinds of needs.  I consider myself a success story of the opportunities america has provided and I have hopes of one day having my own children and giving them more than i ever had. But I feel like I’m getting to a point where the government feels I should give more.  I agree taxes serve a good purpose, but redistribution of wealth can only work for so long until people like me just give up and say fuck it too.  I worked so hard to get where I am and gave back to all kinds of charities that are important to me.  Only to reach a point where I feel I’m being cheated now.  With all due respect, I have an open mind and would like to see everyone get what they need, but damn I couldn’t tell anyone else in my position they need to put a little more skin in the game having been through what I have with a straight face is all.

    • Guest

      Exactly how would 4 years of Obama ruin your livelihood?  Does your livelihood involve drilling in wildlife reserves?

  • Asdf

    Obamaville, a place where Obamanoplies produced by Obamanomics run amok. A town deserted due to death panels imposed by Obamacare. Where Obamania causes the Obamameter to go off the scale, and where the #1 band is Obamarama. And the national slogan is “Obamanos!” 

    Yes. These are all slogans used by various groups — for and against the President — since he began his original campaign in 2008. Mostly negative slogans.

    • samanthaphoebe

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Obamanos. That exists?! 

  • DRB

    Well…. nice cinematography and voice over guy…

    • Dan Jarrett

      looks more like Insantourium

  • NonPartisan

    I despise Santorum as much as the next guy, but I thought TC was supposed to be non-partisan. The sickeningly hateful Dick Cheney comment seems all-too-typical of a “tolerant” liberal these days. I come here to read thought-provoking, ruminative pieces, not the same hateful partisan drivel I heard earlier on NBC Today. 

    • Hmm.

      Oh, I thought Thought Catalog was a place where people shared thoughts. My bad. It’s only supposed to be thoughts you agree with.

  • jiggywithitjeremy

    i only saw one car, alluding to the idea that in obamaville there is seldom if ever traffic.

  • Michaelwg

    When I read that Cheney had had a heart transplant, I immediately contacted the DMV to add some fine print to my “donor” license. Also, I heard they brought a still-alive Iraqi boy to his hospital bed where he tore the still beating heart out with his claws.

  • jerry

    directed by M Night Shyamalan

  • Davide Pintus

    He should have thrown in a line about  how all this is somehow to blame on “blah people”.

  • guest

    whats disgusting is that americans really do feed off all this fear the government feeds them. 

  • Ryan

    Americans and all their ridiculous political antics often give me hearty chuckles.

  • M.

    I’d like to see a political article from a conservative view every once in a while… if you all want free healthcare so badly, move to Canada. I personally do not work as hard as I do to be taxed into oblivion just so that those who are too irresponsible to look for a job can freeload off the system.

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