Geraldo Rivera Blames Murder Of Trayvon Martin On Hoodies

Perpetual failure Geraldo Rivera took a break from exposing US military positions in Iraq to blame the slaying of Trayvon Martin on his hoodie.

According to Geraldo, hoodies represent all that is “gangsta,” and the clothing’s negative connotation cannot be rehabilitated — much like Rivera’s mustache.

Says Rivera:

“I bet you money, if [Martin] didn’t have that hoodie on that nutty neighborhood watch guy wouldn’t have responded in that violent and aggressive way.”

If by “nutty neighborhood watch guy” he means George Zimmerman and by “violent and aggressive” he means chased and killed, then maybe he has a point.

Wait, no. No he doesn’t.

George Zimmerman, who was not wearing a hoodie, has yet to be charged with anything. Trayvon Martin, who was wearing a hoodie, is dead at age 17. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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