Nihilist Penguin Faces Existential Crisis, Journeys Into The Abyss (And Dies)

Forced to decide between the colony and the ocean, a lone penguin decides to spite both and head towards the mountains.

“No shepherd, and one herd! Everyone wants the same, everyone is the same: whoever feels different goes willingly into the madhouse.”
Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1885). Prologue 5 TC mark

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  • Jocelyn

    the alexander supertramp of penguins.

  • Mocha

    you quoted nietzche and used the words “nihilist” and “existential”

    • Bensaucier

      Transcendental, Analytic, Wittgensteinian Penguin

  • dubstepkelly

    Aw. Little buddy is lost as fuck. So presh. ):

  • Joseph Ernest Harper

    This is one of the best videos I've seen this year. Was that Werner Herzog? Jesus. Want to see a Werner Herzog cut of 'March of the Penguins'.

    • Bensaucier

      yea it was Herzog. that would be epic.

      • Joseph Ernest Harper

        Not sure that this penguin is a nihilist though. Seems pretty optimistic. Maybe the Jack Kerouac of penguins or something. Like when he blows past those two guys. He's just gotta keep moving.

      • Bensaucier

        true, Beatnik Penguin Faces Existential Crisis

      • Joseph Ernest Harper

        Allen Ginsberg penguin sucking a dick.

  • aaron nicholas


  • Parker Baldin

    love the quote and the footage. herzog's voice is magnificent

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