This Woman is Addicted To Eating Toilet Paper

Kesha has been addicted to eating toilet paper since the 6th grade and now eats about an entire roll every two days. She is one of many featured on TLC’s new show My Strange Addiction premiering December 29th at 9 pm. I believe that slots it right between Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Hoarders: Buried Alive.

Other episodes include a woman who sleeps with a blow dryer and a woman addicted to bodybuilding. TLC couldn’t find men addicted to anything besides sex, alcohol, food, and cigarettes. TC mark

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  • Brandon Gorrell

    jesus christ

    • Bensaucier

      I wonder if she has brand loyalty. Brawny man?

  • Bill A Pomerans

    what the fuck

    • Bensaucier


  • MalindaSpitz

    Toilet paper is actually quite nutritious.

    • Bensaucier

      as long as you don't get the color kind.

  • Azi Graybar

    Take a Two-Ply roll and separate the pieces on a kitchen counter. Use a wooden spatula to spread whipped cream over each of the sheets individually. Sprinkle on coco powder and place one sheet on top of the other with the cream sides touching each other. Refrigerate to let the whipped cream stiffen.

    From my kitchen to yours. Enjoy this holiday treat!

    • Bensaucier

      this recipe makes a great Christmas gift.

  • Evan Hatch

    this makes me feel slightly better about my own “strange addiction”. to crack.

  • Laughing at how dumb

    Where is Dr. Phil when you need him

  • Julian Assange


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