I Hope He Treats You Better Than I Ever Could Have

I hope he offers you his jacket when you’re cold.

I hope he holds your hands when you’re walking side-by-side on the street.

I hope he shares his umbrella when it’s raining.

I hope he doesn’t force himself on you, especially at your most vulnerable state.

I hope he prepares your coffee in the morning and when you’re in the mood to have longer conversations at night.

I hope he writes you letters that reveal his deepest thoughts and recollections about you and your relationship.

I hope he celebrates your anniversaries with a touch of creativity and novelty and sincerity.

I hope he remembers your birthday and the details of your first date together.

I hope he doesn’t forget your favorite coffee flavor.

I hope he stares at you whenever you sneeze because you’re so charming when you do that.

I hope he cares about your family.

I hope he respects your privacy.

I hope he buys you hot lemon tea whenever you’re sick.

I hope he answers your messages in less than a minute because you hate waiting.

I hope he travels with you.

I hope he cheers for your success.

I hope he doesn’t give up on you when you swiftly become difficult to be with.

I hope he stays for you and your future together.

I hope he supports your passion for drawing, learning foreign languages, and teaching kids.

I hope he understands that you’re not a bully when you tell him that you want to make things a little bit more challenging for your students.

I hope he sees the clouds the same way you do: soft, finite passersby in the endless sky.

I hope he seeks to improve himself for your tomorrow with him.

I hope he doesn’t hold back in telling you the truth if he feels like you’re blinded by your ego sometimes.

I hope he inspires you to be more compassionate and empathetic towards the less fortunate.

I hope he guards your books as some of your most valuable possessions.

I hope he offers you flowers and poems when you’re upset.

I hope he hugs you when the world is just too much to handle.

I hope he doesn’t hesitate to say sorry first when something’s wrong between you two.

I hope he keeps the faith the same way you do.

I hope he challenges you to be a better person everyday.

I hope he loves you more than I could ever have.

And now that you’re with him, I hope we cross paths again someday, not as lovers but as individuals who learned to forgive our former selves.

I’ll say hi. I hope to see your smile again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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