10 Little Reasons Why Introverts Are Actually The Best People To Be Around

The world is a noisy place. And in recent decades, that noise has increased because of the Internet. It’s just everywhere – from work to neighborhoods, to traffic, to stores, and now, online. Most of us have become accustomed to the noise – so much so that, until we fall asleep at night, it doesn’t cease and we don’t even seem to notice. Introverts notice, however. And they are the ones who, when on overload from noise, have the good sense to remove themselves and retreat to a quiet place where they can renew themselves. If you are an introvert, you understand this. Never apologize; never be afraid to admit that you are an introvert.

1. You think before you speak and act.

While others are contributing to the noise, whether it is a political discussion, in a meeting at work, or at a large social event, you take your time, so that what you say is the result of thoughtfulness and reflection. And while you may not say much, what you do say has meaning.

2. You have a rich imagination.

Because you read more than others, and because you spend more with just yourself, you have the time to imagine solutions and ways to make the world a better place, even if it is only your slice of the world.

3. You can focus better than most.

When tasks are complex and require many steps, you are capable. This transfers to research, writing, art, IT solutions, and many other areas of your personal and professional life.

4. You can process large amounts of information.

This is the result of your ability to focus, but it means that you can see many points of view and many angles as solutions are sought. It also means you tire easily, so you do need alone time to renew yourself.

5. You prefer to listen rather than to talk.

This is why you learn so much. Introverts have, in general, a lot more general knowledge about the world than others tend to have.

6. You are more observant than extroverts.

While extroverts are busy being heard, you are observing everything in your environment. These observations allow you to make rational judgments, based on reason.

7. You think and consider all options before taking options.

When decisions must be made, especially at work, you are able to present all of the options and consequences – options/consequences that others have not considered. You are a valuable team member.

8. You can access your inner self easily.

Since you have plenty of time for thoughts and reflections, you have a great understanding of who you are and what you can contribute. You capitalize on your innate talents and your learned skills.

9. Landlords and senior citizens love you.

Because of your quiet nature, you are not one to offend your neighbors; your landlord will never have complaints about your loud parties.

10. You live in a time when you can openly be yourself.

There is a high value placed on the thinkers today. Thinkers come up with the new ideas; thinkers solve problems; thinkers have a quiet power; thinkers are respected by others. Introverts, in any profession, can be game-changers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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