When You Need To Feel Better About The Big, Bad Future

Roya Ann Miller
Roya Ann Miller

The future can seem scary, more grey than black & white.
Sometimes you’ll worry, asking “Will I be alright?”.
You’re going to have your hardships, with the occasional off day.
Don’t sweat it. When you fall down, get up,
I promise you’ll be okay.
Believe me, I know…It’s easier said than done.
So I wrote down a few things, for whenever those days come.
When the world weighs on your shoulders and you think you’ll come undone.
You won’t because your strong, and you’ve only just begun.
Share a smile to light the room,
have a laugh that brightens the mood.
Speak words that are kind, thoughtful, and encouraging too.
I’m fully convinced, there’s no stopping you.
Even if you can’t see it yet, you’ve got nothing to prove.
You are uniquely amazing, and that’s simply the truth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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