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What A Roommate From Hell Taught Me About Hate

Within one week of him moving in, he had thrown four parties in our apartment. And by “party”, I mean “he and three male friends rolled a blunt, drank Natty Light, and played either beer pong or Mike Tyson interview highlights while calling every female high school senior in the area to which they hadn’t already given gonorrhea.”

A Review Of My Pets

During this grooming, Watson found his best defense was his immense strength in his declawed front paws combined with the banshee scream that could only remind one of putting Katy Perry into a mulcher without the satisfaction of actually doing so.

I’m Not Stupid If I Disagree With You

This is not to say that media criticism is useless because all art is subjective. I faithfully read any number of critics and enjoy it most when I disagree with them. Perspectives on art are necessary because no piece is truly perfect or truly awful.

The Importance Of Honey Boo Boo

As disastrous as most Americans probably view the Thompsons (show me a family without its own issues and I’ll show you a delusion), it is impossible to miss how absolutely happy they are.

Why I Love My Piece Of Crap Car

I have a strong emotional pull towards the car. While an inanimate object made of moving parts and chemicals, OJ kept me off the streets and gave me a freedom most people are given when they borrow their dad’s car in high school.

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