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What’s On Your Mind?

When Myspace first became popular, I put forth a Caulfieldian theory of how people behave online: People put forth the person they want  to be, not who they are.

A Letter For Mom

Why do I distinctly remember you taking literal soup ladles of pills, some antipsychotic, some vitamins, and some an eternal mystery?

20 Children

They use their mom’s Netflix account to watch Drake and Josh. They don’t know whether Barack Obama is a Democrat or a Republican. They have no idea what Boy Meets World is and don’t care.

Is Anything Rare Anymore?

I was transported back to Positively Records when I recently came across a Telegraph headline: “Rejected Beatles Audition Tape Discovered.” You have my goddamn attention.

The Ones Who Walk Away From Sugar Rush

For the unfamiliar, the film follows the adventures of the titular Ralph, an 8-bit video game villain bent on proving his innate goodness and worth by fighting through other arcade games to earn a medal, something his disparate video game co-workers have assured him will give him self-worth.

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