Don’t Ever Give Up Hope When You Have The Promise Of Tomorrow

Unsplash / Aaron Birch

Dear you,
and I have always meant you.
You who’s been strong for so long
You who’s been fighting this battle alone
You who’s more cracked than mosaic
When your world was shattered in silent dissolution,
you have muted your screams for they say,
you are far too strong to fail

You who’s still up till 3 AM
Lying in your bed thinking if you’ll fight for this love one or you should let go
But then you remembered him holding the hands of another.
Your heart is too broken to be mended.
You cry a tear or two.
You wish it was you.

You who’s dreading every morning when it comes
Asking if this job is really yours or not
When the only time you are excited to work is when it’s payday or Friday.
And dreaded when you realize that tomorrow is Monday.

You who’s been body shamed
They said,
“You’re too big, too small,
too dark, too white,
too fat, too skinny, too curvy,
too straight, too curly.”
You who’s been judged by appearance but not with your beautiful heart.

You whose house don’t feel like home
You who expected acceptance of the arms that once cradled you but now pushes you.
You who longs the love of a father
or the care of your brother or sister
You whose a stranger in your own home.

This world may not be friendly to live in.
Every day is a decision to flight or fight.
You do it with all your might.
But then, now you’re tired.
You are in the perpetual darkness of night.

But here’s one thing that you should know
here is a promise of tomorrow.
Tomorrow you will make it.
Tomorrow the opinion of others won’t affect you anymore.
Tomorrow your healing will take place and your relationship will be restored.
Tomorrow you’ll find the people who will accept you for who you are.
Tomorrow it will hurt no more.
Tomorrow you won’t need to suffer anymore.
You will make it.
Here is your promise of tomorrow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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