Just So You Know, It’s Never The End And You Are Never Alone

Tanja Heffner / Unsplash

Suddenly, being yourself was the hardest thing you could ever be.

I know some people who cry their hearts out every night, fearing what tomorrow brings.

I know someone who lives in death. A person just existing with no reason and motivation to live.

I know a number of people who kept questioning the choices they have made every day.

I know a few others who hid in clothes, smiles, vices, sneers, and frustrations. Hoping to mask the truth of who they are.

But I also know some people who feared their tomorrows and faced it still.

For someone who lived in death, that person tried his best every day to live.

The few others who hid, they also hoped they could be found.

“I give up.” That is a choice you make alone.

I am not an exception. I wanted to give up and I did. I was incapable of anything but misfortunes. My only success was being mediocre and often being below average. I was the total opposite of their ‘expectations.’ I was a sorry excuse for a girl who did nothing but hoped to have everything.

And yet, I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t the only one who just stopped. I was one amongst the million others out there and you are too. Every time you shed those tears at night, a hundred others are doing the same. For every breath you despised to take, a thousand more do too. For every corner of your being you tried to hide, who is to say that in the millions of people you meet every day, they aren’t doing the same?

Then I stopped— I stopped giving up.

I want to be among the millions of other people who instead shed tears, I wiped them; who instead of living in death, I’m helping others live; who instead of wanting to hide, I’m making them want to be found.

The battle is yours alone but you are never a lone warrior. Many are fighting for you— fighting with you. Give time to recognize the people who love you. Those people who have always been there for you. Learn to trust them. Let others help you carry your baggage. It’s a battle, it may be yours alone but you can never win it alone.

Failure only exists when one quits and success only comes when one tries.

You should never allow anyone to give up on you, even yourself. You deserve love especially the kind where nobody else but you alone can ever give yourself.TC mark

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