Read This When You Can’t Seem To Let Them Go

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It doesn’t matter if you were the one who ended the relationship or not—or if there was any relationship at all. For whatever reason it may be, you haven’t moved on yet and that is but the absolute truth above all (for now at least).

You’re probably thinking that they’re too valuable to let go. Or maybe you feel that you still need to settle some unfinished business with them before you would let them go. Or maybe you still believe that they’re “The One”. Or possibly hoping for another chance—another shot at what you had or never had.

Why do you fear letting them go?

Is it because if you do, you’d lose a great part of yourself? Would you not recognize yourself if you detach them from your life? Letting go of love may feel unusual and out of the ordinary from what you are used to, but it is something you just have to do.

You don’t have to do it right away, though, because no matter how many times you read about or listen to how you should stop holding on to them, you can’t just yet. You’re still living in the fantasy of the connection you have with each other, the illusion of destiny working its magic on both of you, the hope that fate is writing a love story it has made for you.

Face it, though, these things won’t happen for you. This is not a movie, this is reality. Cupid won’t hit them with an arrow, nor is he going to do the same for you. Aphrodite won’t meddle with the love affairs you have (or you don’t have).

No one’s going to decide for you when to let go. You’re going to decide that for yourself. You have to be your own judge because through this hard journey, you will learn how to be loved. How you should be loved. What kind of love you deserve.

You will learn in the hardest way possible. You will go through storms of heartaches, tornadoes of heartbreaking memories, tsunamis of tears, and cyclones of insomnia, but those only exist to toughen you up. They’re meant to refine and define the jagged pieces of your being. You won’t even notice it until it’s done.

Now, you’re still wondering what they’re doing with their life. Do they think of you like you think of them? Are they being loved the way you love them? Thoughts of them are running through your head and even if you’re tired of feeling this way, you still do. You still find yourself always asking questions with no answers, but you ask and you ask and you wonder because it is the only thing you can do.

This may not be true to all, but whatever love you’re holding on to, if it’s destroying you more than it should be shaping you, let them go.

It’s hard to see what you deserve, but learn to loosen your grip on them. The fog will clear. Free yourself from the burden and only then will you realize what these words you have read truly mean.

You will finally learn that aside from time, the best healer you have is yourself.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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