I Love You, But You Annoy Me

I love you, but you annoy me.

In our first few months together, I must admit it felt like I was spellbound, as if nothing you could do in this world would be bothersome. Maybe it was an idealization. I marveled at our compatibility, and it seemed like we couldn’t get enough of each other. I thought that the good parts would easily compensate for all the negatives, but at some point, the bad began to outweigh the positives.

This might be normal for couples in long term relationships. Even the sound of your breathing is getting on my nerves. I know I am pretty annoying too, but remind me again why we still stick with each other?

I remember I used to laugh hysterically at every joke you cracked, but now all you get from me is that threatening stare.

You also used to sing to me when I was sleeping, but now whenever you do it, I shut your mouth with my palm.

And you know that time when I used to love just walking with you with no definite destination? Now I get a drastic change in my mood when my feet and legs start hurting.

This even intensifies 10 times when I am on that time of the month — every word you say never seems to be right, and you suffer from a week of pure hell with me.

It’s not like I am intentionally doing this to push you away. I just know that the more comfortable we feel with each other, the more we discover that our true selves can be quite annoying. What used to seem exciting, enchanting, or intriguing now drives us nuts. And we’re no longer afraid to express ourselves because if we contain these feelings, it may turn into something worse.

But all these irritating moments don’t make me love you any less.

We may annoy each other, we may tease each other a lot to the point when one will get angry, and you may get a million more of that threatening stare from me, but know that all these are part of our wholeness. After all, relationships are never perfect. Those that last long are flawed but don’t break easily.

Just remember, you annoy me in the most ridiculous ways, yet these moments just add to the reasons why I love sticking with you.

You annoy me, but I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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