The Beauty Of Letting Love In

 Jena Postma
Jena Postma

The world that we live in is in itself quite often a love story, and also quite often the opposite. This world we live in today, we are shielded by a screen, a world where appearance is the red carpet into a perfect life, and your face will either be swiped left or swiped right on someone’s phone screen. Your image, popping up for a second in someone’s eyes, before it vanishes and they move on.

A world where a woman’s body is more important than what’s in her head. A world where a person is called “hot” more often than intelligent or wonderful.

When we are hurt, we want another to be hurt as well. If one’s opinion opposes yours, the other’s is immediately wrong. If you believe you’ve suffered more pain than another, they immediately don’t understand you or believe you haven’t felt “real pain”.

If someone’s situation is different than yours, we won’t try to understand each other. Our bodies become objects and our minds go crazy but we don’t try and stop it.

We ask for nothing but attention. We build walls until we’re tunneled in. We care so much about the way we appear to others that we stop caring for ourselves.

Human beings started off as creatures of fault and we will remain that way. But we thrive so deeply on things that people have forgotten. How much we want someone to be standing in the next room. The fact that we recognize someone’s laugh or scent instantly. How our voices go silent when there’s too much love in one room. Or how is it that sometimes we can shed a person no quicker than we can shed our own skin?

I believe in a world where someone will fall in love with me in person, without ever having seen an image of me. I believe in a world where our minds will come first, and our bodies second. A world where our walls will burn. A world where we apologize to ourselves. A world where we approached somebody instead of sub-tweeting. A world where we didn’t need a shield, a drug, or a false face to allow ourselves to be honest. Where we learn to let love go with nothing but love.

The greatest thing I’ve learned thus far in my life, is that it is not the measure of someone’s body being too big for their heart, but that a person’s heart is too big for their body.

The person in the next room, the next building, the next street, the next train, all have hearts that are dismantling themselves and building back together however they can. And so are you.

There is so little time for us, and we spend it caring about things that in the end, will not leave with us. The time you spend being angry with someone, is time you may use to sit with them and move mountains instead. The compliments you give to others, may finally be given to yourself.

Everyone that is in your life, is worth all of the pain and love you are getting. Because in the end, the world has ended many times for so many people, and it always begins in the morning.

May everyone live this life with their biggest heartThought Catalog Logo Mark

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