Your Worst Day With God Will Be Better Than Your Best Day Without Him

His life shaped him into a manipulator. He depended on himself instead of God. He wanted to control his life so he manipulated those around him. His problem was that he thought he could make it on his own without God.

For a time I was just like Jacob. Many of us are. We try to handle life on our own without God.

We want to control our lives. Wanting our will not His.

I know I tried.

I tried to live without God and apart from Him. I stopped believing in His promise for my life.

I didn’t want to depend on Him or anyone in finding my happiness. I thought I could find all I wanted on my own. I sought happiness but really I just found more sorrow and disappointment. Soon I found myself farther from what I had hoped to find and in deeper pain.

God will not allow us to succeed without Him. He will block our efforts to satisfy ourselves and lead us back to Him. We can see how he did this with Jacob. And if we reflect on our lives a little, I think we can see how He does this to us.

I saw it happen in my life. Because, despite my reluctance. He led me back to Him.

It’s never all it seems to live without God. I lost my life to the hands of this world without Him. It really is true when people say that your worst day with God will be better than your best day without Him. I lived it.

But here I am now, alive and happy, solely by the grace of God. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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