‘It Wasn’t Meant To Be’ And Other Myths

Joshua Fuller

It doesn’t matter if you wish upon a star, a birthday cake, a lady bug or the full moon. They won’t come true anyway.

I tried everything: the star, the candles on my birthday cake, the moon, the train passing above while crossing a tunnel, a bridge, even looking at the clock and seeing it strikes 11.11am, for example; everything. Nothing worked.

I think it’s easier leaving it all to fate because it’s better for us once it doesn’t work to blame it on fate or the Universe. “It just wasn’t meant to be.” 

I always do this.

It’s better to believe that stuff didn’t work out because the Universe has something even better planned for us. Something that will fit better our needs.

It’s the easier belief. Otherwise, we’ll just have to do some insight, look for that lose screw that won’t let us get that job, have that relationship, that life we want so bad. Because the truth is that if we find something wrong with us, then we’ll have to work on it, and isn’t that just too hard? Doesn’t that take too long? 

Of course it’s better to claim it wasn’t meant to be. It lessens the hurt. Makes it easier to sleep at night.

Because it does hurt when that what we were waiting for doesn’t go as planned.

The Universe is a constant bet we place, a constant scape goat. We choose to believe The Universe knows best. Even when, down deep, we know otherwise.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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