If You’re Reading This, The Timing Is Now

You’ve decided, huh?

This is it.

Whether the time is to start a new job. Finish that project you’ve put off for months and months. End the toxic relationship you’ve been in. Finally saying yes to the dream partner who’s asking you on a date. To start a new chapter in your life. The timing is now! And I am excited for you. I’m excited that you’ve taken the step. Because sometimes people can’t take that step. Sometimes people can’t take the step because their shoes are glued to the ground and their feet can’t move. Sometimes people don’t have the bravery to walk a mile without the shoes, because it might hurt their feet. The pavement may burn and scar their feet. They may step on some pebbles along the way or step into something sticky that they can’t get out of. They may not be able to run as fast or slow down enough to gaze at the sight they want to see.

But if you do take off the shoes, if you do take that step out of whatever is holding you down, you’ll be amazed at what you get to see. When you walk a mile without the shoes, you’ll feel what it’s like to finally be free. That burden that hurt you will vanish. Maybe not right away, and maybe not when you want it to.

But it will. I can promise you that.

And if you get scuffed up feet while walking the mile, if you get some scars and burns along the way, who cares? Scars and burns make and shape you into who you’re supposed to be. They are a part of you, and the time is now to embrace it and walk that mile with the shoes off. Get the scars, get the experience, get the burns and get the choices. It’ll make you physically stronger. Dancers know that starting off dancing is not an easy thing. If you’ve ever danced in your life, you know the saying, “Dancers Feet.” If you don’t, dancers feet are NOT pretty or cute. They have scars, bruises, calluses, and sometimes your toenails fall off. It’s true, I swear. But what they do is beautiful. The art of twirling your entire body weight on the top of your toes is magical, whether you like the art of Dance or not. They may have rough looking feet, but what they do with them is magnificent. What we do with our scars and burns can be magnificent too, if only we take the chance to walk the mile with what makes you feel safe.

But again, you’re reading this because the time is now. It’s time to finally do it.

Your friends and family are going to be so proud of you. And if you don’t have someone waiting for you at the finish line, know that I’m rooting for you waving the biggest flag with your name on it. Please don’t give up and please keep moving forward. There’s no point in going back because you’ve been there. Sure, you can look behind you to see the footprints you’ve left on that mile you’re walking, and I hope you’re proud of the prints you left. I hope you don’t get discouraged when you see handprints next to your footprints because you fell and needed to catch yourself. You’re doing it and that’s what matters.

The time is now, so go.

You’re running late. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I secretly have two baby teeth that never fell out.

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