You Have To Bet On Yourself When No One Else Will

The first time you bet on yourself against all odds is going to be terrifying. Everyone close to you is going to tell you to take your time making your decision, because you don’t want to choose the wrong thing. They’re going to try and talk you out of what feels like the right choice. You have to stand by your gut instinct.

Your friends and family are going to act like you’re jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, and to be honest, it kind of feels that way. You are leaping into the great unknown, simply because a voice at the back of your mind told you that you could fly. The voice will tell you to jump, and the feeling at the center of your heart will tell you that you have wings that can take you far from the place you’ve been stuck for so long.

Your friends and family cannot see your wings, however. So they will tell you that you’re being reckless, stupid. They will tell you to play it safe. They don’t mean anything by it, they just wouldn’t ever do what you’re doing. But they are not you, so do not listen to them. Do not sacrifice your happiness for one more second just because they cannot see your wings and cannot feel what your gut is telling you.

Take one last look around the airplane, and then turn your back and jump.

When you jump, there will be a moment of panic where you second guess everything. “What if I don’t actually have wings? What if everyone else is right? What if I hit the ground?”

Take a deep breath and lean into the chaos of your newfound freedom. Let yourself free fall for a minute or two. These are the moments where you find yourself again. You find the voice that was stolen from you; you find the vision for your life that was tarnished. You remember who you are again.

And then when you’re back to feeling like yourself, stretch your wings wide and fly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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