Time Is Irrelevant When You Realize How Easily It Can Be Taken From You

I still think of you whenever I drink a peppermint mocha
But it’s been nine years now and my mind is starting to jumble that reality.
What was once crystal clear blurs under the weight of everything closing in around me.
Were we drinking peppermint mochas or peppermint hot chocolate on that snow day?
I wish I knew for sure.
If it’s only been nine years and I’m already starting to forget, what happens in 20 years?
What if one day I wake up and all I have left of you is a diner receipt from one of the last nights we ever got to have together?
What happens, then, if I ever lose that receipt?
Will it be like you were never even a part of my life?
And finally forgotten.

You never think that it will be the last time you share these small moments with someone.
But trust me when I tell you that when the time comes and you can no longer have those small moments, you will have wished you treated each one like it was your last.

I still wish it would have been me.
All of these years later and I still can’t believe you were taken from this world so early.
We held a celebration of your life.
As if you were granted all of the time you deserved to live it.
I couldn’t bring myself to go to your funeral.
Maybe this way, I never have to say goodbye.
If my mind never had the concrete memory of seeing you there, then maybe one day I can still wake up from this nightmare.

I know you’re here with me whenever I hear your favorite song.
You always pop up when I need you the most.
It could be coincidence,
Or it could be that you are up there looking out for all of us.

None of us were given that much time to know you, but time is irrelevant once you learn how easily it can be taken from you.
It is not about how much time we are given, it’s about how we decide to spend that time.
The brightest lights are sometimes fleeting, but that doesn’t mean their impact is any less.
A shooting star might be seen for only a moment, but we all know we will cherish that moment always.

I will cherish you always.

Like if a unicorn were a person going through an emo phase.

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