When The Best Things In Life Find You

Dmitry Sovyak / Unsplash

Maybe it really is easier to pretend like we were never anything more than strangers. We can both go on living our lives as if we never had a glimpse of the sun.

I wonder if you still think of me as much as I still think about you. I feel like I have thought about you every day since the night that we met, and I feel like I will never quite shake the overwhelming feeling that is you.


You are the one who taught me that time can mean both nothing and everything all at once. I learned that sometimes the best things in life come running at you full speed, whether or not you are ready for them and that it can become so easy to lose yourself in the process of trying to catch them. From you I learned that some people are here for just a small sliver of time in the grand scheme of our lives, but their impact will be nothing less than astronomical.

You showed me how much life can change in just a moment and that sometimes those changes are not always for the best. A simple wave can trigger the movement of the whole ocean and one crack can destroy the entire path.

You used to tell me I was the darkness your heart needed in a playful nod to my cynical sense of humor and gothic style. I used to relish in the thought that you actually felt like you needed me in your life in order to carry on. But lately, I have been starting to wonder if maybe the dark got a little too cold so you looked for the light and realized how much better it suited you.

I was the darkness you thought you needed until you realized that you didn’t.

I will never forget the moment you told me you weren’t looking for anything. Your tone suggested otherwise. I nodded and told you that I knew. (Deep down, I always knew.) but what I wish I would have told you was this:

You don’t have to be looking for something to find it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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