Welcome To Your New Beginning

Mark Alexandrovich / Unsplash

One day, I know I’ll meet someone else who will finish my coffee because I always order just a little too much.

One day, I will see that you were not the ending but the beautiful beginning of the rest of my life. Because you see, I may have lost you, but what I gained from our time together will never leave me. Even though I will never have you by my side again, I can think back to who I was before I met you and see just how much your presence in my life changed me. Even the bad times can bring about some good.

Even those who hurt you can help change you for the better. And even when it seems like you will never see the sun again, you close your eyes and soon enough, a new day is here to greet you.

Every beginning must have an end, and it is up to us where we go once it is over. You can choose to remain still and wait for the next adventure to find you, or you can become the adventure all on your own. You never needed someone by your side to make the most of your life.

Always remember your own value because you are worth so much more than you think and hold so much more power within yourself than you even realize. You are complete on your own. They cannot take that truth from you.

An ending doesn’t have to signify destruction and ruin; if we did not understand the weight of an ending, we would never appreciate the beauty of a fresh start. Do not tell yourself it is over because they left; tell yourself how now you are finally going to begin because finally, you belong to no one other than yourself.

Here’s to another day of beautiful beginnings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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