I Give My Love Away

Ryan Winterbotham

I give my love away to every

life that intersects with mine

tuck pieces of my heart

into their rib cages even

when the world screams

They don’t deserve it


to be honest

this is the only thing

I know how to do.

I give my love away

when i meet people

    in dark places

and my love flickers

like a candle but

I keep on giving

because honestly

I don’t know

who else will let the light in.

I give my love away

to the past present future

before during and after

I don’t discriminate against


We always act like we have

so much of it

but we are burning daylight

and I don’t want to waste mine

because if not


then when?

I give my love away on

every corner of every street

in every grocery store or

shopping mall

where you touch me with

your smile

where your fingertips

meet mine

where your lips brush

my cheeks

my love, tucked into the pages

of your life


you were mine,

for a brief moment

in time.

I give my love away

not like candy on Halloween

because then somehow the bowl

is always empty

but like the sun shines or the wind blows

or the river knowing which way it goes

because these things don’t change

they just are

Like that, my love, I am, and I will

always tuck pieces of my heart

into intersecting lives because

I don’t want to waste my time

figuring out who to love

or where

or why. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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