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I Will Not Love Him In The Morning

It’s like the more I see him, the more I talk about him and the more I feel him, the more I want him. But just for one night at a time. I don’t think I could handle more than one night at a time, I don’t think I want more than one night at a time.

You Owe Her The Love She Deserves

Don’t be selfish with her, because she deserves so much more than that. Being with someone you don’t love is cruel, especially when you know she loves you. It’s holding her back from being free and finding real love.

Love Should Not Be A Limited Feeling

Don’t be so quick to judge, and if you have a hard time opening up, start with something small. Start by telling your friends what you love about them or what you love in general. Find joy in the little things.

What I Mean When I Say I Want To Travel

I want to be in constant awe of the earth and everything it has to offer. I want to see things I could never have possibly imagined and try things I’ve only dreamed of. I want my curiosity to grow greater and stronger than it already is.

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