10 Signs You’re The Reason For Your Unhappy Life

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1. You blame everyone else for your problems. It kind of ridiculous how little you actually own up for your mistakes. Instead of just owning up for your mistakes you try to blame someone else for why you did it or what happened. You refuse to believe you’re wrong and that you did anything wrong. Newsflash: everyone fucks up, including you. Own your shit.

2. You’re focused on what’s going to go wrong instead of what could go right. Your mindset is disgustingly toxic. You are such a downer to be around because other people just want to have a good time but then there’s you pointing out everything that could go wrong. You’re creating a dark cloud around you and everyone else in your life, and it’s miserable.

3. You set ridiculously high expectations. There’s nothing wrong with expectations but seriously? You set everything so high and always end up disappointed. By now you should realize things rarely ever go as planned and just because something doesn’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean it’s bad.

4. You are so skeptical about everything instead of just enjoying life. Questioning things is fine but not to the extent that you do where it literally ruins all the fun, risk taking parts of life. It’s hard to be around someone who is just questioning everything instead of just accepting things the way they are and enjoying them for what they are.

5. You always feel bad for yourself. It’s like a black cloud is always just following you around, right? No. You’re just so used to throwing yourself a pity party and always feeling bad for yourself that it’s become what you like. It goes back to blaming everyone else for your problems. In your mind it’s always “poor me.” Stop focusing and dwelling on the bad and start appreciating the good. Stop letting the bad times outweigh the good.

6. You are completely reliant on other people.
You are the definition of dependent and guess what? People will let you down every now and then because you aren’t their first priority. Learn to do things for yourself and learn how to be on your own. It’s a great life skill.

7. You’re choosing to stay stuck instead of moving forward with your life. Everything in life is a choice. You make thousands of decisions every day. You have the option to stay stuck in the shitty situation you’re in or you have the ability to move on and move forward. That’s all on you.

8. You’re holding on to people who let you go a long time ago. Relationships end and it sucks. There’s no doubt in that but you can’t stay hung up on someone leaving forever. At some point you have to accept things the way they are and move the hell on with your life just like the other person did. Your world might have stopped but no one else’s did.

9. You try to control everything. And you can’t because most things in life are out of your control.

10. You have the “my way or the highway” mindset and it’s not getting you anywhere. Hate to break it to you but things aren’t always going to go your way; in fact, most of the time they aren’t going to go your way. The sooner you realize this the happier you will be. Sometimes you just have to accept your way isn’t the only way that’s going to work. TC mark

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