25 People Give The One Piece Of Advice They Wish Someone Had Told Them Earlier In Life

Dan Bøțan

1. “The pullout method doesn’t work.” – Lucy, 22

2. “Don’t get attached to someone overseas.” – Macy, 25

3. “Don’t get involved with someone who is already involved with someone else. They won’t leave their relationship, even if they tell you they will.” – Dan, 29

4. “Don’t be cheap because you’ll lose a lot of great experiences trying to save a dollar. Experiences really are worth more than money.” – Kelly, 26

5. “Start saving and investing your money young because your older self will be kicking you for it.” – Lisa, 45

6. “Don’t pick up a cigarette, it isn’t cool. It will just ruin your health and finances, and quitting is fucking hard.” – Rick, 39

7. “Learn to say no and stick up for yourself because you will outgrow the people who peer pressure you.” – Mikayla, 25

8. “Don’t spend so much time worrying about other people’s opinions of you because the truth is their opinions don’t matter. The people in your life are there because they love you and that won’t change.” – Kelsey, 30 

9. “If you have an opportunity to go abroad or live somewhere awesome, take it. Don’t waste your life waiting for the ‘right’ moment because it will never come.” – Ryan, 25


11. “Spend as much time with your friends as you can because the next thing you know everyone is going to move, have kids and stop calling. Enjoy it while you can.” – Maria, 32

12. “Other women are not your competition. Don’t tear them down and talk shit about them. Work on becoming comfortable enough with yourself that you can just work on lifting them up and cheering them on.” – Syd, 34

13. “I wish I didn’t spend as much time hating my body because it’s done so much for me. Once I started learning to be comfortable with who I am my entire world changed.” – Brooke, 27

14. “There are a millions paths in life you can take so don’t listen to your parents or anyone who is pressuring you to go down a path you don’t want to take. There is no right or wrong path.” – Ed, 31

15. “Love will drain you and takes part of you that you’ll never get back but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.” – Sara, 24

16. “Don’t start doing lines of coke off bar bathrooms. It will start to ruin your life.” – Hannah, 26

17. “If people pressure you to do things that make you uncomfortable they’re not people you want in your life.” – Rachel, 28

18. “Respect women, always. And marry the woman who makes you want to be better and you’ll never stop loving her.” – Mike, 50

19. “Don’t waste your time with FWB relationships. They aren’t worth the heartbreak and  jealousy you’ll feel. There’s nothing casual about it.” – Caylee, 26

20. “Don’t be a dumbass with your credit card. Don’t buy things you can’t pay for and don’t make payments late. Life will fuck you over if you do that shit.” – Haley, 44

21. “Date someone you can’t see yourself marrying. You’ll learn a lot from them.” – Tara, 29

22. “Your relationship won’t get better once you get engaged or married or have a family of your own. If it’s not good now, it won’t get better. Get out before you become even more invested.” – Blake, 42

23. “You don’t need to be high to make it through life and once you quit you will become so much more motivated.” – Nick, 28

24. “Read everything, even things you don’t think you’ll like because you can learn so much and it can change your perspective.” – Steve, 26

25. “Tell people what you want in bed, don’t settle for only making him cum while you’re unsatisfied. You deserve to cum, too.” – Leah, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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