She Finally Let Herself Go

She Finally Let Herself Go

It’s taken her longer than it should have but her heart finally had enough of the pain she was holding on to. Her heart finally told her it was time to stop clinging on to your memory because you weren’t coming back.

She stopped checking her phone constantly wondering if you’ve texted her yet. She stopped waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety hoping you called. She stopped typing out messages begging for you back only to delete them only to send a simple “i miss you” that she knew would be ignored. She stopped hanging on to the idea that you’d miss her and she let herself go.

She stopped holding on to you, punishing herself for your mistakes and actions. She finally stopped sulking on the couch and crying in her bed relating everything back to you. She finally decided to stop feeling guilty over the fact that she couldn’t change you and she couldn’t make you stay. She finally turned off her playlist of sad songs and realized it was time to let it all go.

She stopped loving you today and finally let herself go.

She let herself go out without you and not feel guilty. She let herself laugh with other men and not think of you. She let herself stay out until 3 AM without someone blowing up her phone. She stopped punishing herself over you leaving – she let herself go do all the things you never wanted her to do and she stopped hoping she’d run into you.

She let herself go out on dates with guys she met just the other day. She finally let herself go do all the things she’s wanted to do for so long but never got the chance to because you weren’t interested or you thought her ideas were stupid. She finally let herself go and stopped worrying about being judged by your small little mind and instead focused on making herself happy.

She finally let herself go and focused on becoming the girl she was always meant to be before you came in and wrecked her life.

She let herself go from the cage you held her in and finally started embracing her freedom. She let herself go and started dominating in her career. She started spending more time with her friends again and meeting them for brunch on Sundays. She started becoming all the things you feared because you knew she’d outgrow you so you left before she had the chance.

You could never see it because you were blind by your own stupidity, but that girl was a blessing and the best thing you ever could have done for her was leave because now she’s discovering who she really is on her own.

In losing you she found herself because she could finally let herself go and become the person she always knew she wanted to be.

She finally sees now she never needed you to make a decision for her, she can tell now that you never had her best intentions at heart, she can feel that she was never truly happy with you because what she’s feeling right now is pure bliss.

You tried so hard to dim the light that shines off of her that sooner or later you knew she would discover her worth and she did – without you.

After she let herself go she realized she didn’t need you to love her because she finally learned how important it is to love herself. She’s finally letting herself go and taking control of her life again. She finally discovered all she’s capable of without you holding her back.

You leaving was the best thing you ever did for that girl because she could finally let herself go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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