14 Women Share The One Thing They’re Most Insecure About (To Help You Realize You’re Not Alone)

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1. “I know I shouldn’t even be insecure about this but I am – I hate my stretch marks and I’ve tried just about everything to get them to disappear but they’re still hanging around. I can’t help but think that I would like myself better without them there.” – Kylie, 27

2. “I HATE my nipples. I don’t even like taking my bra off during sex unless I’m really comfortable with the guy because they’re so big and just make me super insecure that he’s going to run back to his friends after and be like “omg, that chick I hooked up with last night had the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen.” I shouldn’t let that bother me, but it does.” – Lucy, 25

3. “I have a misplaced toe, my fourth toe on my left foot isn’t where it’s supposed to be. It’s raised a little bit higher and sits on my third toe. I hate it and I’ve always hated it, I don’t even like wearing flip-flops because it makes me feel like everyone is staring at my “mutant” toe.” – Jill, 33

4. “My stupid thighs!! I hate how big they are, it’s like no matter what I can’t tone them or make them smaller. I don’t even care about the thigh gap but I hate that all my weight just sits in my thighs.” – Samantha, 24

5. “I actually hate wearing a bikini – that’s the time I feel the most insecure. I try to avoid putting one on at all costs because it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and just bad about myself in general. I would rather just lay in shorts and a shirt, I don’t even care about the tan lines.” – Bridgette, 34

6. “My cellulite makes me want to cry. I always notice it in pictures and when I wear shorts which I why I try my hardest to avoid them. It’s just so unattractive in my opinion and I can’t help but get embarrassed by it.” – Katherine, 26

7. “Oh god, I hate my stomach!! I lost a bunch of weight so now I just have all this extra skin and flab that hangs over. I try to wear clothes that hide it but it still makes me feel super insecure and I wish it didn’t because I’m really proud of how much work I’ve done and how much weight I’ve lost.” – Hanna, 29

8. “This is kind of weird but I hate my fingers and my hands. They’re huge, I literally have man hands, and my fingers are so chubby the only size ring I can ever wear is a 10.” – Steph, 25

9. “My butt is so flat and I try to just laugh when people makes comments but it really gets to me. I’ve tried to do the whole self-deprecating humor thing but at this point it’s just old, and really not funny anymore.” – Niki, 27

10. “My arms make me so insecure. I hate wearing tank tops or anything that really shows off my arms because they’re so chubby and just gross to look at in my opinion. I hate looking at them so I don’t see how anyone else could either. I’ve been trying to work out and tone them so hopefully this insecurity will fade away.” – Maria, 30

11. “I have buck teeth. I don’t even know what else to say other than I hate that I look like a horse and I always will.” – Abby, 25

12. “I have this little pouch at the bottom of my stomach and I can’t get it to go away. It just slightly hangs over everything and it’s so irritating. I always tug and pull at it and picture how much better my stomach looks without it but I can’t get it to go away.” – Leslie, 23

13. “I’m always the most self-conscious when I’m having sex. I don’t have a boyfriend so I’m not super comfortable with anyone I’m sleeping with but I always feel like my stomach looks gross, and my thighs and I probably have a  double chin. The whole time I’m not even really enjoying the sex because I’m too focused on how unattractive I must look.” – Laura, 25

14. “I get worried that my vagina is weird. I always get really bad razor burn every time I shave and I feel like no matter what it always smells. I don’t know if it’s really normal or not but it makes me super insecure to the point where I don’t even want someone to go down on me.” – Sarah, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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