You Were Created To Be Loved

Brooke Cagle

Sometimes I can’t help but feel completely unlovable. I know I’m surrounded by friends and family who do truly care about me, but there are times where that feels like it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it feels like no matter how much love I have surrounding me that I’m still unlovable. I still feel alone and misunderstood. I feel like I’ll never find anyone who will stick around and try to dig through the layers I’ve become so comforted by that keep my heart wrapped up and protected from damage.

But the thing is – I was created to be loved. We were all created to be loved.

You were created as a human to accept love, to give love and to share love. You were created to be vulnerable with a big heart to show the world. You were created to feel everything from pain and sorrow to happiness and unconditional love.

You are not unlovable, it’s not possible. People will love you through the shield you put up around your heart, people will love you through the trauma you’ve been through in the past because none of that defines you. There will always be people who love you and care about you, sometimes you just need to take a step back and realize that you can’t push everyone away.

Sometimes it’s your own fault and your own doing because you’ve convinced yourself for some reason that everyone leaves, that no one really loves you, that no one really cares. But that’s not true and you know it. You’ve spent so much time pushing people away because you’re scared you’d end up alone with another broken heart that you are causing your own pain.

You were created to be loved. Accept the love people want to give you, trust in them and accept that you will see the best in the world because love doesn’t only come in one form. Love isn’t just romantic, love is everywhere.

Love is your best friend comforting you when you’re sad. Love is your parents supporting your dreams. Love is the sunshine shining down on your face when you’ve had a rough day. Love is your dog licking you when you get home. Love is a stranger striking up a conversation with you on the sidewalk. Love is everywhere and love wants to find a place in your heart, you just have to let it.

Most of the time we only associate love with a partner, a romantic relationship but that’s not the case. Love is everywhere in everything and once you realize that the world feels a lot less lonely.

You were created to be loved, so let love in. Let it warm your heart and prove to you that it doesn’t want to hurt you. Let it open your eyes to all the things you do have in your life and stop you from focusing on all the things you think you’re lacking. Let it heal your wounds and show you that it gets better.

Love is a beautiful thing, it’s one of the most selfless qualities of humans and something that should never be taken for granted.

You were created to love and be loved, you just have to be willing to accept it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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