Love Her Always Or Leave Her

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You can’t choose when you want to show up in her life. It’s not an optional thing. When you decided to commit to her you decided to commit to all of her, just like she committed to you.

Relationships aren’t all cute and easy, they take work. Relationships come with making sacrifices and learning to love someone despite all their ‘flaws’ and their past. When you decide to love someone you’re deciding to love all of them, every single part of them. You don’t get to dissect her and pick and pull at the pieces you like. That’s not how it works. She is all of those tiny pieces made into one awesome woman and if you can’t love all of her every day then it’s time for you to let her go.

You have to love her through the bad times when things are complicated and messy, just like you love her through the good times when things are easy.

If you can’t love her when things get complicated, if you’d rather leave than fix your problems or if you’d rather take your frustrations out by getting back at her, it’s time to let her go.

That girl loves you with her whole heart, but you’re constantly hurting her and letting her be disappointed, not only in you but also in herself. She’s wondering what she did wrong, she’s hurting and she’s trying to make herself better for you but she doesn’t know how.

You have to love her completely or you have to leave her and let her go.

If you think you’re doing her a favor by staying, you’re wrong. You’re stringing that girl along and she’s just getting dragged further and further down by you. You’re holding her back from achieving true happiness.

You’re ruining her chances of moving on, ruining her chances of finding someone who actually will love all of her, always. You’re being selfish by not leaving her because you aren’t sure you’re ready to move on but you are sure you don’t love her like you used to.

A girl who is loyal, who gives you the world and continuously tries to make you happy deserves better than the bullshit you’re putting her through.

Relationships aren’t easy and they never will be. They take work, communication, a strong foundation and continuous growth together. If you can’t love her always then you shouldn’t be with her because all you’re really doing is holding her back from someone who wants to love her with his whole heart.

You can’t choose which parts of the relationship you want to be involved in. You can’t run off to your friends when she’s upset over something, you can’t let her sort out all of her problems on her own, you can’t just be there when it’s convenient for you. You have to listen to her, you have to work through problems together, you have to be there when she needs you, just like how she’s always there when you need her.

The only thing worse than being alone is being with someone who makes you feel alone in a relationship. Stop torturing her this way, if you don’t want to be there when times get tough then leave because she deserves someone who is there always, especially when things get tough.

Stop stringing her heart along when you have no intentions of being there whenever she falls and needs you to help pick her back up. She deserves someone who will love every piece of her and that person is out there, he’s just not you.

You have to love her always, or leave her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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