14 Men Reveal Their Thoughts On Women Who Sleep With Them On The First Date


1. “To me, it is all about the motivation behind why. If we are connecting and it feels organic, by all means. If I can tell it is just because she is looking for a hook up, I will pass. If I sense any red flags like she is doing it for validation or out of insecurity, I will pass. I have an immense amount of respect for any woman who is strong and mature enough to make decisions about her own body and if that means she wants to embrace her sexuality, I applaud her for it.” – Brad, 29

2. “Honestly, it’s not a factor for me in the slightest. I dated a girl over the summer who I was really into, and we slept together on the first date. I’m crazy about the girl I’m seeing now, and we didn’t sleep together on the first date. I fall for the person, not the sex. If she doesn’t want to have sex on the first date because she is not comfortable with it, or because that is who she is, I respect that. If she doesn’t want to have sex on the first date ONLY because she doesn’t want me to view her differently, I don’t really understand that logic. I’ll respect her wishes and decision, but her waiting an extra date or two, or three, or 10 won’t change my feelings for her.” – Tom, 26

3. “Why should I think of her any differently? I also slept with her on the first date and if that’s frowned upon for a woman then it should also be frowned upon for a man because it takes two people to hook up.” – Matt, 24

4. “If she sleeps with me on the first date she’s getting ghosted. I already got everything I needed so might as well move on to the next one.” – Kevin, 27

5. “I either liked her or didn’t like her and I could tell that by the way the date went. If I like her and we have sex I’ll still like her. If I don’t like her and we have sex, I still won’t like her after. Sex won’t change the way I feel about her and influence my decision to call her again or not.” – Tyler, 31

6. “If we hit it off and have great chemistry that leads to sex it doesn’t change my opinion of her. Sometimes you just mesh really well with someone and one thing leads to another.” – Lucas, 34

7. “I don’t think sex on the first date is a huge deal, as long as both parties are equally interested. Sex isn’t as big of a deal anymore as it used to be. If we have sex, we have sex. If we don’t, we don’t.” – Mike, 22

8. “Sex on the first date isn’t appropriate in my mind. I don’t think I could properly respect a woman who undresses on the first date. It would seem to me she’s just looking for a hook up.” – Adam, 28

9. “If she wants to sleep with me on the first date I must have done something right! If she’s good in bed she’s getting a call back. If she’s got a good personality she’s getting a second date.” – Richard, 25

10. “To be totally honest with you, I don’t think sex on the first date matters. I’ve had several relationships with both women I had sex with the first night we met and women I dated for a while before we had sex. I don’t think sex is that big of a factor. I think as long as she and I are both equally into it or not then that should be the only thing that matters.” – Cam, 36

11. “The only thing that should matter is how much you connected.” – Liam, 23

12. “If she has sex with me on the first date, I’m assuming she was only looking for a free meal and sex so I’m out after that.” – Mikey, 26

13. “Sex isn’t just a one person decision, if we have sex on the first date it’s equally on me as it is on her. So I shouldn’t look at her for doing anything differently than what I did. We were both on a first date and we both had sex with each other. Sometimes it happens and there’s nothing wrong with that.” – Bryan, 29

14. “If we sleep together, it’s because we felt a connection. Or it’s because we knew it wasn’t going to work so we both agreed to just hook up. I’ve had both happen and I’ve gone on first dates without sex. As long as you’re open and honest about your intentions, I think it’s all fair and there’s no reason to view her any differently for doing the same thing you are.” – Rick, 33 

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