This Is The Only Time It’s Ever Okay To Criticize Someone’s Weight

Jennifer Burk
Jennifer Burk

Why not jump right into it, shall we? It’s NEVER okay. Never. You heard it here first. There’s your answer right off the bat.

N E V E R.

So, let’s talk about weight.

Everyone loves talking about weight – they love to criticize, they love to body shame, they love to talk about other’s behind their backs when they see someone who has gained a couple noticeable pounds.

Criticizing people’s weight and body shaming has become a thing, usually it’s done on the Internet and usually to people who are “known” or famous. People with lots of followers so random trolls can comment on it calling them “fat” which is P A T H E T I C.

The best part of it is usually it’s people commenting without pictures of themselves, hiding behind anonymous accounts, people who get pleasure from calling other people fat because they’re insecure about themselves in some way. They’re trolls.

Incase anyone forgot, every single person is just that – a PERSON. A living, breathing, human with feelings, needs and emotions. You think they aren’t going to see the mean shit you say to them because they’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers? Maybe they won’t, but it doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t make it okay.

Talking about Lady Gaga’s “stomach” in the Super Bowl half time performance is bullshit. The fact that it’s making headlines is BULLSHIT. Shout out to her for not being afraid to show off her stomach. I’d bet my ass most people who are commenting about her “stomach” don’t have a six pack either, so sit the fuck down before you judge someone on their body. And if you do have a six pack and you’re judging then shame on you because you know how hard it is to maintain that six pack and you know the personal struggles and triumphs being that strict with yourself.

Why does anyone think criticizing other’s bodies is okay? Does body shaming you make you feel that much better? Do you feel the need to criticize someone for the way their body looks if it’s not perfect? Are you that shallow? Celebrities are real people. They aren’t walking around trying to look perfect for you, they’re just trying to enjoy their lives as much as possible through the constant criticism. Which is hard. I don’t know how they do it because we normal people get defensive over everything someone says if we don’t agree with it and they get shamed every single day by someone.

The other day I saw someone comment on Emma Kenney’s Instagram photo, which she now deleted, calling her fat. The girl said “so fat” and Emma actually replied. Mind you, she looked beautiful and happy and HEALTHY in her photo. This is a 17 year old girl who has grown up in the public eye and she’s being called fat. It’s not okay. At all.

This is why people have body weight issues, this is why people develop eating disorders, this is why people are always so self-conscious and struggle so hard with self-love. This is why girls are skipping meals, thinking they need to diet before they hit 10, thinking they’re not pretty unless they look a certain way. It’s sickening and disgusting.

You don’t have to be a size 2 or 4 to be pretty enough or skinny enough. You don’t have to have a six pack in order to be liked. You don’t have to hold yourself to other people’s standards when you’re much happier eating what you like and exercising how you want. Because mental health is more important than having a six pack! Don’t beat yourself up for not looking a certain way, you don’t have to in order to be loved and be good enough.

Back to the main point – it’s NEVER okay to criticize someone’s weight. NEVER EVER EVER is it okay to body shame. There is enough hate and negativity in the world that criticizing someone’s weight doesn’t need to be added to the list.

Humans aren’t meant to all be the same, so it’s time we start loving everyone for who they are, appreciating what good they bring to the world and talk about some real issues that are happening in the world other than who gained a little weight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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