Loving You Is Fun

Hernan Sanchez
Hernan Sanchez

It just comes natural – me loving you. Time always seems to slip away when we’re together because loving you is fun. Between the endless laughs, the good morning kisses and the way you make my heart escape the cage I’ve had it stored in for all this time I’ve finally understood what love is supposed to feel like.

Love isn’t supposed to feel like it’s restricting and holding you back. Love isn’t supposed to strip you of your independence and freedom. Love isn’t supposed to be toxic and controlling. Love isn’t supposed to be anything that drains you and damages you.

Love is supposed to be fun.

Love is supposed to feel like you’ve got your own best friend who is completely devoted to you, like you’ve got someone who is always there to dive into your adventures with you. Love is supposed to feel like you’ve got your biggest motivator by your side always inspiring you to do better and helping you get there. Love is supposed to feel like you’ve finally made it to the top of the mountain and you can let all the happiness wash over you as you smile like an idiot admiring the view.

That’s what loving you feels like because loving you is fun. Loving you is easy, it comes natural to me.

You make me feel like I’m floating ten feet off the ground. You’ve got my head spinning and you’ve got me dancing around the kitchen like a fool to your favorite songs on repeat. You’ve lit up my world and made me feel things I didn’t know I could feel before, you’ve opened a whole new part of me. You stripped my walls around my heart and for the first time I feel okay with being completely vulnerable in front of someone.

You made me feel a freedom I didn’t know was possible when you had another person in your life. You made me feel like I’ve finally found my place in this world, like I’ve finally discovered exactly where I belong.

You made me realize love does anything but “tie you down” when you’re with the right person.

It feels like we were made for each other because it’s so easy loving you.

You’ve got me up all night laughing to myself about something you did, you’ve got me smiling like a fool when I look at my phone. You’ve got me feeling whole and loved, and you’ve made me feel happiness in a way I haven’t felt in a long, long time.

You make me want to run wild and get lost with you. You make me want to drop everything and just see where life takes us. You make me want to run away with you and get lost in each other underneath the stars.

A love like ours can’t be explained because it’s just you and me, and you’re all I’ll ever need.

Loving you makes me feel alive, loving you makes my heart skip a beat and my stomach fill with butterflies. Oh baby, loving you is fun. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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